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Chopard Watches

Chopard Happy Diamonds Watches

Set Ascending Direction

This company's founder was a farmer's son, which may surprise you. Who'd have guessed he'd be on his way to such levels of success? Do you wish to know when he first started? At the age of 24. Because of the brilliance lurking in Louis-Ulysse Chopard's head, unique designs were at the center of this company. He knew exactly what the market required and created Chopard timepieces to meet those needs. 

What exactly was the company's shortcoming? There was nothing, and if there was, they might have already defeated it by this point. To say the least, the notoriety that this company gained was astounding. They were creating miracles by enclosing time in beautiful dials.

 Chopard Happy Diamonds watch, which was first released in 1976, was one of these marvels. The watch can be confused for an explicit jewelry watch due to its diamond-studded case, which goes well in hand with the integrated craftsmanship. If we're on the subject of diamonds, do you know who are their closest companions? Women, of course, and with this, Chopard began its journey into the world of women's watches.

In one swift motion, they lit up their surroundings. Happy Diamonds jewelry has exuded a captivating wave of joie de vivre since its inception in 1976 in Chopard's workshops. Its movement creates a lighthearted and energizing performance in which openness and light vie for the honors of a charming smile.

For men

With that said, we'd like to share with you some vital information: the first Chopard Happy Diamonds watch was designed for males. Aren't you astounded?

For women 

The Chopard women's watch was cushion-shaped, with an 18-carat white gold case, and it was stunning. The Chopard ladies watch, on the other hand, has been redesigned and outfitted to cater to the female market. When clasped around the delicate wrists of women, the watch exudes femininity. It appears to be a sweet relationship between the wearer of the watch and the watch. Chopard hasn't forgotten about the watch's original cushion shape, which allows for a magnificent ride from the past to the present.


Chopard followed the changes of an era distinguished by women's empowerment and society's liberalization by upsetting the norms of watchmaking and jewelry in the mid-1970s. The Maison makes reference to the triumphant history that helped shape its character. 

Caroline Scheufele, the Maison's creative soul, has been sculpting her great future since she was a child. She was raised in a family of watchmakers, and as a child, she made her first watch out of aluminum foil. She allowed her active mind to wander while she was still a teenager. Creating clown jewelry with little whirling diamonds within its tummy. This clown was to be the first ever item of Chopard jewelry, created in secret by the workshops on Caroline Scheufele's father's proposal. It rapidly became a popular present of a century of fathers for their cherished daughters, as well as a sign of Chopard's impressive jewelry experience.


Chopard's designer had the brilliant idea for this women's watch when strolling through the Black Forest and came across a waterfall — so stunning, so lovely. The view of many water droplets coming out of it glistened, seeping out the delightful rainbow colors. After witnessing such grandeur, the designer felt compelled to create a watch that reflected the same beauty, which resulted in the creation of the Chopard Happy Diamonds watch.

The diamonds dance beautifully on the case, which is a symbol of the women's elegance. When we say "dancing," we mean it: the diamonds will move around in the dial, matching your hand's movement. Regardless the watch's dial is large or small, the worth that this diamond watch exudes is unlikely to be harmed. It is unique, unlike anything anyone has ever seen before.

In sports 

Several members of this sporting series have quartz movements, while others were built to house automated movements. Regardless, aren't they all lovely in their own way? The fact that this watch is available in a variety of colors and sizes is exactly what is driving people wild – especially watch fanatics. The Chopard Happy Diamonds watch is designed for women who embody both elegance and daring.

Happy Diamonds Film

Since Chopard is engrossed in a never-ending love affair with the film industry. Caroline Scheufele enlisted the help of one of today's most talented filmmakers to create a film that is a true credo for joie de vivre. Xavier Dolan has masterfully unveiled the depths of their emotions via the prism of his mesmerizing vision. His interaction with Julia Roberts is quite remarkable.

Chopard Happy Ocean

Since we've just discussed the notion of diamonds dancing around the case, the Chopard Happy Ocean is another incredibly sophisticated yet awe-inspiring watch that incorporates the same approach. The Chopard watches differ from the Happy Diamonds in that it is more technological and intended to be enjoyed. The dial of this Chopard watch evokes the deepest oceans, while the diamonds set within the case evoke oxygen bubbles.


Chopard Happy Diamonds is the place to go if you want to marvel at unique beauty. Due to the popularity of this timepiece, it has been further developed, resulting in Chopard Happy Diamonds Sport watches for women. This timepiece has a very modern appearance while remaining true to the classic timepiece's roots. The design remained new and had a distinct attraction — it was designed just for women of the new period.


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