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Patek Philippe Watches

Pioneering designs, impeccable craftsmanship, and Genevan watchmaking inventions have made Patek Philippe a recognized watch company. Patek Philippe had made several launches throughout the 21st century. Twenty~4 is also one of the notable collections of Patek Philippe watches. With several attractive models, this watch collection has drawn the attention of lots of women. Besides, the timeless watches of the Patek Philippe’s collection have maintained status.

Patek Philippe released the Twenty~4 collection in 1999. It was an incomparable collection of women's watches. Modern and active women have found the watches versatile. Also, the timeless Twenty~4 collection has sustained momentum and preserved the cutting-edge spirit with new models. Two of these models are mechanical, while one has a quartz-driven design.

Developed by Adrien Philippe and Antoine Norbert de Patek, the company started its journey in the 19th century. It has earned a reputation with more than 100 patented innovations.

Patek made a partnership with François Czapek. However, after 6 years, it was dissolved, and both of them chose separate ways to design timepieces. The Stern family continued managing the business, and Patek Philippe became the president. With a real passion for watches, Philippe Stern opened The Patek Philippe Museum in 2001.

Furthermore, Jean Adrien Philippe had contributed a lot to the inventions in the watchmaking industry. He had also won a bronze medal for inventing hand-setting systems and keyless winding mechanisms at the Industrial Exposition in France. After applying for the patent for the design, he gained the attention of Queen Victoria.

In 2018, the company refined the Twenty~4 product line. It introduced a watch model with an automatic movement and a round case. It was a deviation from the earlier cuff-style, manchette, and quartz models.

The original watches of Patek Philippe had rectangular shapes created with inspiration from the Art Deco style. These timepieces had link bracelets that reflected the trend of the time. Moreover, the quartz movement of the watches was not complicated, and the price was affordable. Besides, women like to wear them occasionally during special events. The steel models of the timepieces had become accessible to several women.

Furthermore, the rose gold and stainless-steel designs have become highly prominent. The dial colors can be of different types, including white, blue, black, and gray. Twenty~4 watches have mostly rectangular cases with a dimension of 25.1 x 30 mm. The dials have 36 diamonds on the left and right sides.

The Twenty-4 watches have winding crowns embedded with black onyx stones. Moreover, the 2-handed dial has10 diamond hour markers. There are also Roman numerals in the dial. Some Twenty-4 models are available with beautiful leather straps. But, the metal bracelets and fold-over clasps are also elegant. Overall, Patek's timepieces have a streamlined silhouette.

In 2018, the company unveiled new Twenty~4 ladies' timepieces. Although names are similar, they are automatic watches with self-winding movements. The diameter of the round cases is 36 mm. Other features include the date window, luminous Arabic numerals, and 3 hands.

The Twenty~4 automatic watch released a few years ago offered a lot to Patek Phillipe's fans. You can find several choices in the watch collection. There is also a tried-and-tested caliber 324 S C. The movement also made a difference in the watch's shape. Besides, the round shape is much friendly to your wrist. Patek has tried to maintain the watch’s wearability. Women looking for high-end automatic watches can find the right model from the Twenty~4 collection.


Popular models of Patek Philippe Twenty~4 Collection

Patek Philippe has released different watches, which belong to the collection Twenty~4. We have listed a few of them. You can easily find the right one for your needs.


Twenty~4 Ref 4910/1201R-001

It is one of the beautiful watch models combining chocolate brown with rose gold colors. It is a quartz-driven watch with a manchette style watch. The case has an 18-karat rose gold design and includes rows of 34 diamonds on 2 sides. The rectangular case has a 2-tier profile, and it has drawn the attention of consumers.

Moreover, the golden bracelet has made the watch look like a piece of jewelry. The timepiece has a hand-polished design, and it tightly fits around your wrist. The trapeze-shaped markers and numerals have a touch of luminescence.


Twenty~4 Automatic Ref 7300/1200A-011

The olive green tone combined with steel created a modern vibe for this automatic watch. In the Twenty~4 collection, it is the first watch to have this unique green shade. The application of the sunburst effect has created a graceful style.

The watch has perfectly combined classic with modern styles. White gold used for hands and Arabic numerals is another notable feature. Each of the hands has a luminescent coating. The dial looks decorative and includes a date aperture. The diameter of the steel case is 36mm.

The round case of the timepiece has 160 diamonds. The caseback looks transparent, and it gives you the view of the self-winding movement. The steel bracelet has a highly polished design.


Patek Philippe Ref. 4910/1200A_001

It is best for those who prefer 2-tier rectangular watches. Each of the components is perfectly finished. The caliber E15 quartz movement also reflects flawlessness. A Calatrava Cross, the symbol of the Patek manufacture, decorates the crown. The comfortable and supple bracelet equipped with a fold-over clasp looks like a jewel.

The blue sunburst dial has added beauty to the watches. Gold-treated numerals and hour markers have a luminescent coating. Moreover, the white gold baton-style hands of the watch also look shining. Like other Patek watches, this model has a water-resistant design.

Overall, Twenty~4 watch collection has contemporary style timepieces. Consumers can use them for both professional and personal purposes. These watches have universal versatility. Moreover, the major goal of the company was to create watch models that accompany you throughout the day. That is why the collection is named Twenty~4. In fact, Twenty~4 is a more stylish version of the Patek Philippe watch collection.

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