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Cvstos Watches


Cvstos cannot claim a long line of heritage, unlike most other luxury watch brands. However, the origin of Cvstos is under the guidance of two exquisite watchmakers - Antonio Terranova and Sassoun Sirmakes. Both Sirmakes and Terranova have a lineage of watchmaking culture. Their joint efforts have taken Cvstos to the position where it is today.

Sassoun Sirmakes was born in Geneva. Since his childhood years, he had been very passionate about luxury watches. Watchmaking also ran in his blood. His father was the renowned founder of Vartan Sirmakes. Sassoun was clear about his vision even in his formative years. His idea was to integrate the aesthetics of fine watchmaking with modern designs. He wanted his creations to have an appeal to the younger population. Sassoun wanted to break the traditional mold of luxury watchmaking.

Several years older than Sirmakes, Antonio Terranova was born in 1967. Like Sirmakes, he was determined about watchmaking from his childhood. To realize his dream of creating a new brand of luxury watches, Terranova first learned the craft under some of the best-known watchmakers of his time. He worked under brands like TAG Heuer, Zenith, Piaget, Ebel, and Cartier. After spending substantial time under the aster watchmakers of these brands, Terranova decided that it was time to give wings to his lifelong dream.

When fate brought together these two talented and experienced watchmakers, Cvstos was born. The first headquarters of Cvstos was set up in Geneva's historic Saint Gervais quarter. The year was 2005 and the world was preparing to embrace the new century. Technological innovations were expanding and modern mass media had already become mainstream. It gave Sirmakes and Terranova the perfect setting to unveil their new luxury watch brand.

Cvstos watches have always carried the legacy of its founders. The timepieces can be distinguished by their modern appeal and classic designs. Cvstos was never concerned with budget dress watches. From the onset, Cvstos aimed for the highest standards in the industry, and the price justified the expertise that went in.

The price of Cvstos timepieces has always been high. Their entry model starts at around $9000 and goes beyond $32000. While not the most expensive watches, Cvstos is among the higher-valued luxury watches.

Luxury watches are expensive by definition. People who own these watches realize that they are paying for years of hard work, creativity, and passion. The price they are paying is for the designs, aesthetics, and philosophy of the watch. Cvstos excels in all these areas. Collectors and connoisseurs around the world are more than willing to pay the hefty price required for owning a classic Cvstos watch.

Cvstos watches are also expensive because they introduce a new style of Swiss watchmaking. Cvstos has departed from the traditional style and now incorporates materials such as palladium, titanium, and rubber to make their watches stand out. These designs are nothing like anything you will get in the market. In a sense, every Cvstos watch is a limited edition watch since no other luxury watch offers the same aesthetics and blend of tradition and modernity. The beauty and appeal of these watches make the price tag worthwhile. Buying a Cvstos watch is not only a purchase but also an investment.

Popular Cvstos watches

In their 15+ years of operations, Cvstos has gifted watch lovers some of the most memorable timepieces. Below we will discuss the most impactful models from the Cvstos watch collections.

Cvstos challenge

Cvstos challenge is a testimony to the art of fine watchmaking. The Cvstos challenge watch does not stop at surface-level aesthetics. It offers the wearer to take a glimpse at how a watch functions. Wearers can see the movement in detail and understand what goes into the creation of a luxury watch.

Cvstos challenge is available in seven references. These vary greatly but preserve the underlying theme of the collection - elegance and detailing. They come in tonneau-shaped cases and range from chronograph to dual time band variants.


Through the Cvstos Evosquare collection, the brand teases us about what the future of watchmaking is going to be like. These watches come in 50×49 mm cases of steel or gold. The aesthetics of the watch is distinctly modern and futuristic. It is a fine example of what a futuristic luxury watch would look like.


For a long time, Cvstos focused exclusively on men's watches. However, they soon realized the importance of a ladies' line and released the RE-BELLE collection. As the name suggests, these watches urge women to rebel against societal restrictions and carve their own path to success. The diamond-studded cases and openwork dials make RE-BELLE watches among the best-looking luxury watches in the market.


The Jet-liner collection is a modern, streamlined watch line that comes in steel and titanium. It also features skeleton movement and a tonneau-shaped case.

As you can realize by now, Cvstos watches define the meaning of luxury in the 21st century. If you are looking for a watch that perfectly combines luxurious elements from the past, present, and future, you cannot go wrong with Cvstos.

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