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Patek Philippe Watches

All About Patek Philippe Aquanaut Watches

Ever since its launch in 1839, Patek Philippe has been pioneering in the luxury watchmaking industry. Over the century, the brand has made through ups and downs and achieved the esteemed status by its consistent innovations and highly admired masterpieces. Among the popular Patek Philippe watches, the Patek Philippe Aquanaut is one of the most sought-after models. 

The Aquanaut models are revolutionary additions to the watch collection from Patek Philippe. With the CH 28-520 C caliber, chronograph movements, and several other features, Patek Philippe Aquanaut watches have gained the attention of several watch enthusiasts. The prestigious watches of this collection reflect both versatility and simplicity.


The Swiss luxury timepiece brand began its journey in 1839 by establishing its office in Geneva. The Stern family was the owner of the company. Patek Philippe has gained a reputation as one the oldest watch manufacturing companies. Also, it has designed distinctive timepieces and movements.

Philippe Stern became the CEO of Patek Philippe in 1977. He understood that classic-style mechanical watches would be more popular than quartz watches. Every timepiece of Patek Philippe is a work of art. The famous Patek Philippe Caliber 240 has an ultra-thin design.

Philippe employed engineers to bring a transformation to his company. He moved his approach from craftsmanship-driven manufacture to an industrial process. However, his team has preserved artisanship while designing watches.

The company continued manufacturing watches based on detailed blueprints, and their parts are designed with high-end machines. Most importantly, Patek Philippe has maintained the quality standards of every watch collection. At present, Patek Philippe has more than 400 retail outlets in different parts of the world. Moreover, in 2001, it opened a museum in Geneva.

The Patek Philippe Aquanaut, also considered Nautilus Light, presents you with an attention-grabbing sports watch. Wearers can pair up Aquanaut watches with both informal party attires and formal business outfits.

Patek Philippe launched the Aquanaut collection in 1997. However, it has drawn the notice of consumers due to its elegant style and flawless performance.

Original Aquanaut ref. 5060J and 5060A watches are the rarest models, as the company released only 1,000 pieces. The stainless steel body of Aquanaut 5060A and the 18k yellow gold of 5060J are really stunning. The diameter of both of them is 36mm, and both these watches have the caliber 330 SC movements. 

Some prominent personalities like Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr bought Aquanaut watch, Aquanaut ref. 5167A. Moreover, George Soros, one of the reputed investors, wore the Aquanaut ref. 5066A. While snapping a photo for the cover page of Time Magazine, Paul McCartney put on his Aquanaut watch. Thus, these famous figures have naturally made the watch collection highly popular among consumers.


The transition from the Nautilus to the quintessential Aquanaut style is a gradual one. Launched in 1996, the reference 5060S shares some traits that define the Aquanaut. Other noticeable features are leather straps, Roman numerals, a smooth dial, and a metal case. Most watches of the Aquanaut collection have a 120-meter water resistance capacity. Several divers have appreciated the potential of the watches.

Moreover, some watches have a 3-part case with a Nautilus-inspired octagonal shape. The new Aquanaut models also include the Tropical strap made of wear-resistant composite materials. Besides, the pleasing pattern and the guilloche motif on the dial are some unique traits. Some timepieces also have a Calatrava cross motif. Furthermore, double-folding clasps of premium watches have won the heart of lots of men. 

The checkerboard, Grenade dial found in the 5060A model, is another noticeable feature of the watch collection. This dial is different from the conventional-style dials, and the hands on the dial are made of tritium. Interestingly, the dial develops a warmer color over time. It will reinforce the aesthetic value of the timepieces. Truly, these watches have combined an appeal of patina with a contemporary design.

Popular Patek Philippe Aquanaut Models


Patek Philippe Aquanaut 5167A

Patek Philippe updated this Aquanaut model in 2007, and presently, it has a robust stainless steel case of 40mm. It has a rounded-octagon bezel with a perfectly hand-finished design. Furthermore, a blend of polished and brushed surfaces adds a royal touch. The watch has a rubber strap with a unique pattern. You may tailor the strap length to your wrist size. The butterfly-style folding clasp is at the center.

Its grey metallic dial has a satin-brushed design. Although you can notice a heavy magnification, the details are truly crisp.


Patek Philippe Aquanaut Ref. 5168G

Ref. 5168 is referred to as the Jumbo due to its bigger design. The most distinctive features are a khaki green dial, rubber watch strap, and 18K white gold.

The khaki green tone is slightly deeper, and it indicates its military origin. The overall design with an octagonal bezel is highly refined. Although the case diameter is large, the watch has a thin profile. It will look best with your business casual outfit. The buckle quality is also good, and the main plate has a release button. The minimalistic 3-hander watch dial includes the date.

Patek Philippe Aquanaut Ref. 5968A

The sports watch includes chronograph complications, and it was released first in 1997.The best fact is that it is one of the cost-effective models of the Aquanaut collection. The stainless steel case has a 42.2 mm diameter, and its thickness is about 11.9 mm. You will also notice the iconic porthole shape.

The brass dial also has a sunburst finish and embossed checkered pattern. But, the unique feature present on the dial is the chronograph minute counter.

Throughout the watch dial, you will find orange accents that beautifully contrast with the black surface. Moreover, this color combination ensures higher legibility and attracts younger consumers.

This timepiece has a self-winding mechanism with a 55-hour power reserve. You will also find this mechanism in Nautilus Chronograph Ref. 5980. The clutch is friction-free, and so, the chronograph hand at the center can be chosen as continuously working seconds' hand. UV-resistant and abrasion-resistant composite straps will last long. The orange watch strap also makes the bold accents more prominent.

Overall, the Aquanaut collection includes some graceful watch models. The metal bracelets, the warm glowing dials, legendary calibers, and other features have made the watch collection popular. Every watch piece has an unmistakable design.

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