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Patek Philippe Watches

Patek Philippe Grand Complications Watches

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Patek Philippe is, no doubt, one of the prominent luxury watchmaking brands in this world. Thanks to its glorious history and technical brilliance, Patek Philippe’s timepieces show incredible craftsmanship. The company started its legacy in the 19th century and was established by Adrien Philippe and Antoine Norbert de Patek. Within a short time, their hand-finished watches have gained high attention for maintaining the best standards.

The predecessor to the well-known brand, Patek Philippe, is Patek, Czapek&Cie, launched with the effort of Antoine Norbert de Patek. The partnership with François Czapek helped in creating different timepieces. Jean Adrien Philippe became the driving force, as he received an award for inventing keyless winding systems in Paris. 

The watchmakers worked together to establish the brand, Patek Philippe. The company received patents for timepieces that include perpetual calendar mechanisms and precision regulators.

Rare Patek Philippe watches have attracted a high value in several auction salerooms. Patek Philippe has shown watchmaking prowess in its collection- Grand Complications. The series comprises the most intricate and distinctive wristwatches that ensure good investments and status symbols.


In 1898, Patek Philippe designed its first Grand Complication timepiece in a pocket watch style. It is believed that the second Grand Complication watch was sent to Packard in 1916. The brand's rich history reveals that the Supercomplication was the most complicated mechanical watch, and it included 24 functions ranging from Westminster chimes to sunrise and sunset times. The Supercomplication created a new record as one of the costliest timepieces. 

Like other Genevan watchmakers, Patek truly demonstrated boldness in the timepiece design, although there was economic and political turmoil.

In 1993, Philippe Stern was the president, while Patek Philippe released the ref. 5050, the first watch with a perpetual calendar. The watch also includes a retrograde date functionality.  The highly elegant watch 5059 became its successor in 1998.

Features of the collection

Grand Complications timepieces are something, which integrates multiple complications. One common paradigm is that these watches have at least 3 complications. Patek Philippe Grand Complications watches are known for chronographs that include a number of complications. Moreover, the impressive watches include sapphire crystals, scratch-resistant designs, and an alligator strap.

To make the Grand Complications collection bigger, Patek Philippe has introduced a ladies’ watch with a minute repeater. Some of them have 6.25 ct of precious, shining stones. This watch has 5 variants, and each of them is for different seasons. Moreover, these watches have colored gems, including blue sapphires (winter), red rubies (autumn), yellow sapphires (summer), and green emeralds (spring). The Four Seasons Symphony has made the watches unique. Some timepieces in the Grand Complications also include a bezel peppered design and a diamond.

The company holds over 120 patents for different inventions of the collection- Grand Complications. It has engaged its in-house team to design everything from the case to the caliber. It is the trust, and high-quality standards, which have set Patek Philippe's Grand Complications watches apart from the rival brands.

Other specialties of Patek Philippe Complications include acoustic complications like chimes and minute repeaters. Moreover, split-second chronographs and perpetual calendars are unique traits of the watches. The Sky Moon Tourbillion from Patek Philippe includes 12 complications, while the Grandmaster Chime has 20 complications. Moreover, the unrivaled finishes and materials have made these Patek Philippe Complications watches amazing. The watch cases include rose gold, yellow, and shining white tones.

Grand Complication 5316P-001

It is one of the stylish watches equipped with a black enamel dial and platinum case. The timepiece has a revolutionary design with a hidden tourbillion, minute repeater, perpetual calendar, moon phase indicator, and retrograde date. The overall design is highly legible, and the watch includes contrasting markers.

Grand Complications Ref. 5370 with split-seconds chronograph

This stunning timepiece has a contemporary touch with a blue face. However, the most important feature of the timepiece is the chronograph. The dial proves to be a work of art. The watch also includes a second sub-dial and a 30-minute counter. The watch deserves attention with its 18K gold dial plate.

Grand Complications Ref. 5204 with perpetual calendars and split-seconds chronograph

Launched in 2012, it was the first Patek Philippe watch with unique complications. The timepiece also houses a CHR 29-535 PS Q caliber. Although there are complications, the dial is highly organized. You can find a number of easy-to-read indications.

Grand Complications Ref. Ref. 5078 with a minute repeater with a self-winding mechanism

A quick glance at the watch will never let you miss the 3-hand piece dial. The lever present on the left side is not easily identifiable, and that’s why it is a minute repeater. The dial includes more than 300 components. The self-winding mechanism ensures the smooth performance of the watch.

Grand Complications Ref. 5539 with a minute repeater

It is another dazzling piece with a visible piece of a tourbillon. The crystal case has made the watch different from other timepieces. The dial has a minimalistic design with an 18k gold disc cover and fired black enamel. The watch draws attention with the 3rd movement wheel manufactured with hardened solid gold.

Grand Complications Ref. 5216 tourbillon

This Patek's watch has a highly complicated design with retrograde data, a perpetual calendar, and a minute repeater. Other superlatives include sonorous chimes, an enlarged case, and a deviation of -2 to +1 seconds per day.

Grand Complications Ref. 5078G with a white gold tone

It is one of the affordable 38-mm watches with a chiming mechanism and small seconds at 6 o'clock. The caliber R 27 PS delivers power to the watch. This timepiece has a classic look that resembles the design of a pocket watch. The dial has 2 options, and you can choose from cream and black colors.

Choose any of these complicated wristwatches from the Grand Complications collection. Patek Philippe has maintained both functionality and aesthetics while designing the watches in this collection. Patek Philippe has also released multiple copies of some watches like Grandmaster Chime 5171.

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