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All About Hublot Spirit Of Big Bang Watches

Before we go about understanding the design elements and features of the Spirit of Big Bang, it is important to take note of the original Big Bang collection. 

The story of the Hublot Big Bang goes back to the beginning of the 21st century. In 2005, this line was unveiled at Basel. From the very moment of its launch, the watch was earning widespread acclaim.  

The Big Bang was designed as a tribute to the original 1980 Hublot watches. The design and stylistic elements did not see much change. The characteristic features were all present - round bezel, rubber straps, and exposed screws.  Hublot Big Bang won the prize for Best Design at the Grand Prix d’Horologie de Geneve. It was a chronograph that would go on to inspire Hublot extensively. As a result of its influence, came the Hublot Spirit of Big Bang in 2014. 

The Spirit of Big Bang made a grand entry to the watch market in 2014. At a cursory glance, it possesses all the exclusive features that the original Big bang collection was known for. However, the Spirit of Big Bang differed from the Big bang in terms of stylistic and design elements. 

The inspiration behind Spirit of Big bang is very clearly the original Big Bang. Hublot watchmakers have done an amazing job to make the already popular watch even more polished and efficient. The first thing that catches the eyes is the intricate design in multiple layers. Another highlight is the choice of colors. Hublot Spirit of Big Bang is available in a wide range of colors, often very experimental ones. 

The vision of the Spirit of Big Bang has always been to fuse functionality with form. Accordingly, Hublot has made use of not only dome of the most expensive metals, but also the strongest ones. For example, their watches use titanium and diamond for decorative elements, but they also add to the robustness of the watch. 

Hublot Spirit of Big Bang has something for everyone. For traditional watch connoisseurs, they have conventional blue and black models. They are timeless and go with every possible outfit. On the other hand, they also have quirky colors like sapphire yellow for the more bold individuals. 

The Spirit of Big bang is a bold collection that seeks to stretch the imagination of horologists. It has carved a niche for itself in the world of luxury watches. 

Cases of Hublot Spirit of Big Bang

Hublot is known in the sphere of watchmaking for designing and creating elegant cases. There is absolutely no compromise in the way the cases are conceptualized, designed, and finally brought to the market. To give an example, Hublot Spirit of Big bang is made using Hublot's patented red gold, which has dashes of platinum to keep the color intact even after years of rough use. 

The cases are also pretty large, contributing to the niche style that Spirit of Big bang, and Big bang previously, carved for themselves. They are within the range of 51mm to 45mm. All the cases are made using King Gold, Hublot's in-house red gold with platinum. The king Gold in itself is a good enough reason to get your hands on a Spirit of Big bang watch. This homegrown technology ensures that yr Hublot does not look a day old even after decades of use. It is truly a once-in-a-lifetime purchase. 

Another noticeable feature about the dials of Spirit of Big Bang is their tonneau shape. Tonneau cases automatically take any watch a notch above the traditional round cased watches. Hublot is concerned with class and precision and not with pleasing the crowd. Their choice of materials and shapes is reflective of that. 

The dial

The dial of the Spirit of Big bang is directly inspired by the original Hublot Big bang. it has a transparent sapphire dial allowing visibility of the internal mechanisms. The dial perfectly complements the King Gold case in terms of visual intricacy and detailing. Hublot has done an amazing job at not compromising the legibility of the watch. With such intricate detailing, precious jewels, and avant-garde designing, legibility can often be compromised upon. The use of luminous material for numerals and indexes helps in clear visibility, even in dark. This multi-layered dial is one of the most intricate and detailed ever manufactured. 

The HUB 4700 movement

Unlike many Hublot watches, the Spirit of  Big bang is powered by the HUB 4700 movement. The more prevalent Unico movement has been swapped for the more efficient HUB 4700 movement. Hublot's HUB 4700 is a toned-down El Primero movement since both Zenith and Hublot have the same parent company (LVMH). This movement has a history dating back to 1969. It is a powerful and precise movement, perfectly suited to run the Spirit of Big bang watches.

Hublot Spirit Of Big Bang Rainbow

The Hublot Spirit of Big Bang Rainbow was the star of the LVMH Watch Week 2020, held in Dubai. Two variants of the Spirit of Big Bang rainbow were unveiled at the event: reference 641 and reference 665. They have case diameters of 42mm and 39mm. These watches are unlike any other rainbow-themed watches in the market. Hublot has proved again that they are not afraid to step into uncharted territory when it comes to innovative styles and designs. Over 200 pieces of gemstones go into the creation of these watches. 

Hublot is a legendary watch brand with a solid foundation and loyal customer base. Over the years, they have perfected their watches. The Hublot Spirit of Big bang takes the best elements of Hublot Big Bang and other collections. Many experts claim that the Spirit of Big Bang is the most premium collection from the house of Hublot, for their application of only the best materials and movements. The collection remains a favorite among watch collectors, especially those who have an eye for premium materials and intricate designs. 

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