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All About Hublot Classic Fusion Watches

Hublot was first established as a brand that gave importance to novelty, innovation and contemporary designs. Even about 10 years ago, the world of watches was saturated with plenty of timepieces that had one simple look and feel. Watch wearers were looking for something that spelled luxury but came with its own sense of style and personality. Here comes the striking and much-appreciated Classic Fusion range. This collection of watches was appreciated for truly delivering on the concept of ‘Fusion’. In accordance with this terminology, Hublot was able to create a range of timepieces that included a unique fusion of rare metals, some of which were created in-house by Hublot’s expert craftsmen. In addition, the pieces also made use of a variety of novel metal alloys, fabrics, ceramics, leather, and more, to create genuine, original designs.

Some of Hublot’s most iconic collections have been the Big Bang, Spirit of Big Bang, Novelties, and the MP Collection. But, when the brand first started out, it released a line of Classic watches, which enamor watch lovers even today. Clean, elegant designs, combined with superior watch technology, the Classic line featured pieces that were inspired by pure Swiss horology. Although simple in appearance and aesthetics, the Classic line had a few stand-out features, like the combination of gold and rubber straps, to name one. These watches were absolutely timeless and added grace to the wearer’s wrist. 

While certain designs are eternal in their elegance, Hublot made the decision to revamp some of these styles and introduce them with its Classic Fusion line of 2010. This line also incorporated some elements from the brand’s highly popular Big Bang collection. In the true spirit of the idea behind this collection, it was also given the tagline of ‘Elegance Reinvented’. 

The timepieces from this collection keep the elegance of the original Classic collection intact but make it more striking for the modern watch lover. It steps away from the busy avant-garde feel and introduces pieces that are classy, yet memorable. The watches in this range feature a slimmer profile, along with a minimalistic dial. The cases in this collection have the look of a porthole, and also include the robust hands and gold hour markers. 

What’s interesting to see is that the iconic design elements of the Hublot brand are not compromised. Modern additions such as ceramic and titanium are combined with traditional gold and steel elements to produce something truly unique and fresh. Just one look at the range and you can be sure to identify the expert craftsmanship that has gone into making these timepieces. Every piece from this collection evokes a sense of contemporary sophistication, and this is something Hublot prides itself on. 

The Classic Fusion collection features pieces that can cater to the sensibilities of a diverse crowd of watch lovers. Such is the talent and brilliance of the creators of Hublot watches. The versatile designs, combined with top-notch precision and advanced technology truly allows these watches to stand out from the crowds. The three case sizes available are – 38 mm, 42 mm, and 45 mm. A range of different watch styles are available for both men and women. The four variants available in the Classic Fusion collection include – Hublot Classic Fusion Titanium Pave, Hublot Classic Fusion Titanium, Classic Fusion Titanium Diamonds, and the Classic Fusion King Gold Diamond. Each of these variants has its own charm and is sure to add striking elegance to the wearer’s wrist.

Although Hublot carries all the markers of a timeless Swiss watch brand, it still captures the tastes of modern popular culture. If anything, Hublot is excellent at marketing its brand to the right audience and also developing pieces that suit the aesthetic senses of many people. The Classic Fusion range from Hublot has received several accolades from public personalities as well. Hollywood stars, athletes, and even watch bloggers love to invest in their very own Hublot pieces and are not shy when it comes to flaunting them either. 

Hublot has also introduced sporty pieces in its Classic Fusion Chronograph collection to commemorate its association with football. The brand has established ties with several famous sports clubs and players and has also released a popular collection with NBA star Dwayne Wade. His collaboration with the brand gave birth to a stylish and stunning watch model that comes with a fine polished black ceramic case and a lavish skeleton dial. There’s no doubt that even the most famous A-listers love sporting a Hublot on their wrists.

With all of these accolades and recognitions in its kitty, Hublot definitely stands out as a brand that exemplifies old-time elegance and grace with modern aesthetic features. The Classic Fusion range, in particular, embodies contemporary elegance to its fullest and continues to dominate the Swiss watch market. With one of these Classic Fusion pieces in your collection, you’re sure to draw the attention of onlookers everywhere.

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