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Mido's Rich Heritage 

Mido occupies a famed position in the Swiss watchmaking industry. Its characteristic trait of combining innovative designs with rich cultural heritage, eternal opulence and mechanical engineering never goes out of style. Among its esteemed luxury watch collections are the All Dial range released as a special edition and the Baroncelli series loved by both men and women. 

The Belluna range of the 1920s is adored by worldwide watch enthusiasts for its chic, royal and modern designs, and the Ocean Star series has launched some phenomenal models meant for expert divers. The Commander collection of the 1950s defined by its masculine disposition has made an impactful impression with men. The Rainflower series that especially appeals to women is also one that demonstrates Mido's impressive creative prowess by beautifully incorporating lotus flower patterns into the timepieces. This shape was aesthetically designed after the ArtScience Museum in Singapore.

Mido's Signature Lines

One cannot talk about iconic Mido watch collections without bringing up the Multifort series launched in the 1930s and 40s. The Multifort Collection is a rare and interesting range that has been a huge success. It clinched Mido's position as a behemoth in luxury watchmaking. It was one of the key introducers of the self-winding automation technology that boasted excellent shock-resistance and water resilience. 

Mido has always been famous for their artistic interpretations of timepieces that spotlighted futuristic intuition, regal designs, historical homage and the finest grace. The Mido Multifort watch collection is one such testimony to the brand's ingenious vision to look ahead of its times while firmly having its feet planted in the heydays of watchmaking. 

The Multifort range is built to elevate the ensemble of men who have a flair for the majestic times of the past and embody it in their present. Combined with the brand ambassador of the Mido Robot who was created at the same time, Multifort range revolutionized the watchmaking world's attitude towards haute horology. Extending to cover multiple ranges that cater to various tastes of its patrons, the most popular models are listed below.

Multifort Skeleton Vertigo

This Mido Multifort watch series gets its name from the aesthetic similarity it bears to a skeleton-like structure. Its jointed bracelet comes in stainless steel with an interlocking pattern that lives up to its coinage. Its appearance has another connotation as it was thematically inspired from Australian architecture and particularly the famous Sydney Harbour Bridge. Born at the juncture where mechanization and elegance meet, it boasts Caliber 80 resilience. Its springs are made from Nivachron™ technology that protect it against magnetic shock, and it also has the anti-corrosive PVD coating. This Mido watch alternatively comes in black and rose gold versions with the ultra-durable sapphire crystal glass.  

Multifort Patrimony

  • The Mido Multifort Patrimony embodies an influence from the past and the pinnacle of all-things masculine. Although highly vintage in appearance with its roots dating back to older designs, it houses the modern automatic movement. With over 80 hours of power reserve, 50 meters of water resistance, a dial of 40mm and a transparent case back, this Mido Multifort watch is the perfect choice for father figures. Born at the boulevard of erudition and sophistication, this Mido watch comes in earthy tones of brown, black and beige that are widely sought by men. 

Multifort GMT:

  • Built around the concept of dual time zones, the Multifort GMT is tailor-made for watch aficionados and globetrotters. It has borrowed the spirit of the Mido Multiford collection to create a new look that is both sporty and radiantly classic. Pairing rose gold with brown, stainless steel with deep blue, and as an all-black edition, this Multifort watch features Geneva stripes and an enhanced design for improved readability. It resists water up to 330 ft, has anti-reflective glass and comes in a foldable clasp. Multifort GMT is known for Mido's special use of the hallmark 316L stainless steel that ensures optimal skin compatibility. 

Multifort Power Reserve

  • The Mido Multifort Power Reserve features 80 hours of power reserve with an indicator that is boldly legible on the dial. It has a trendy and sports-themed look which makes it the perfect range for young watch connoisseurs. The powerful urban combination of colors in its models backs this up. This Multifort Mido watch is available in two different black editions with pastel green and red accents, as well as a silver and navy blue mixture. With a 42mm dial, 25 jewels and autonomy of movement, it is a unique model in the Multifort range. 

Multifort Escape

  • The bare bones of Multifort Escape have been inspired from its predecessors in the 1940s. The hues of beige, grey and black dominate this model with hour markers and hands in a luminescent Supernova orange and green. This technology makes the watch glow incandescently in darkness by absorbing natural light. The dial is adorned with signature Geneva lines and enshrined in a 44mm case. It also comes in a special version called Multifort Escape Horween which flaunts a rustic beige and grey  metal mix.

The Mido Multifort watch is a distinguished choice for self-assured men who have an eye for prestigious timepieces, making it an underrated collection from the brand. It inspires an appreciation for the classic watches throughout history and becomes a modernized window into the past that effortlessly wraps around your wrist. Blending the spirit of vintage and contemporary creativity, this Mido watch makes a loud and clear statement about the timelessness of the man who wears it. 

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