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The Chopard Happy Sport is a watch that any woman who wants to add charm to their look can wear. Women find it difficult to turn this watch down, as soon as they lay their eyes on it. This is due to the superior aesthetics of the Chopard Happy Sport watch what it is. You won't find diamonds studded all over the case of this Chopard watch, but you will find diamonds inside the dial. If you're someone who enjoys going on adventures or surprise trips to exotic destinations, then this watch could be the perfect partner for you. 

The elegance that emerges from these Chopard watches is unlike anything else you'll find on the market. When you wear the Chopard Happy Sport, your look becomes not just more athletic, but more stylish as well. 


The Chopard Happy Sport is a watch that brings smiles to the faces of those who wear them. This Chopard watch is a casual version of the more luxurious Happy Diamonds watch. The Happy Diamonds collection was released for the first time in 1976. The other diamond watch from Chopard came out in 1993. 

Both watches have loose diamonds. This allows the watch to happily dance to the rhythm of the owner's hand. The person who designed the Chopard Happy Diamonds had found themselves inspired by a waterfall. It was the droplets that sprayed out from the waterfall that really caught his attention. As a result, the designer found themselves wanting to create a similar movement in the watch he made. Since the concept associated with the dancing diamonds was considered impressive, it also found a place in many other Chopard watches. 


The Chopard Happy Sport started a trend when it came out. This is as this watch became a symbol when it came to the watch industry. Consumers felt as if this Chopard watch made them feel empowered. The Chopard Happy Sport wasn't just popular at home, but struck chords across the globe as well. People found themselves captivated by this watch. 

Women found that these Chopard watches were not just delicate on their hands, but emanated a sense of power as well. This was why so many people found themselves wanting a Chopard Happy Sport watch. 


Before talking about the Chopard Happy Sport, let's first stop to discuss the history of the brand that developed this women's watch. There are times when people overlook what's in the past. But when you know the history of the watch, you can feel closer to the company that created it. 

The Chopard family entered the watchmaking industry as early as the year 1860. Although he started his life as the son of a farmer, Louis-Ulysse Chopard would go on to become a renowned watchmaker. By the time he was 24, he already knew what the watchmaking industry wanted from him. He was able to leverage this knowledge to build a successful business that still exists till today. Chopard was known for creating intricate and extraordinary timepieces that were not just reliable, but also durable. 

Now coming to the year 1976, the Chopard Happy Diamonds watch is called in for development. So far this watch only benefitted a certain section of the community. The aim was now to lure in sports enthusiasts as well. That's why Chopard created a collection that was designed for sporty people. There were some ways that the Chopard Happy Sport has been developed since it first came out. However, the dancing diamonds have continued to remain a feature of this watch, right from the beginning. 


Originally, the Chopard Happy Diamonds watch was meant for men. The company then decided that they wanted to market this watch to women as well. So the design of the watch was changed, and it was turned into a watch that could be used as jewelry by women. And this decision turned out to be a great one. 

This Chopard watch had a notable design and also made use of innovative techniques. The watch was fabricated in a way where it could deliver the needs of women who were conscious about their style. 

The Chopard Happy Sport is certainly different from many other sports watches you're likely to find on the market. This is due to the traveling diamonds that are a part of this watch. Some Chopard watches were created by automatic movement. There are others that are powered by quartz movement. The dial of the Chopard Happy Sport, which is a mother of pearl, adds elegance to the design. The watch looks like it has water running through it. The diamonds also end up looking like beautiful water droplets inside the watch. 

Bring a Chopard Happy Sport Home

The automatic movement of the Chopard Happy Sport was introduced to commemorate 25 years of the watch's existence. Watch enthusiasts found themselves pleasantly surprised, because the Chopard Happy Sport added to the collection of watches for women. The strap of this watch is an alligator strap. This allows the watch to be sporty, especially if you're someone who seeks adventure. This watch also delivers a feminine touch, as can be seen through the soft pastel colors used in the watch. 


Now you know more about not just the Chopard Happy Sport, but also about its history and development. When the Chopard Happy Sport came out, it was seen as a masterstroke. This is as there were no other watches on the market quite like it. The Chopard Happy Sport is a watch that has fun as well as playful elements. The Chopard Happy Sport is a watch that can be seen as bold. This is why this watch is perfect for adventurous women across the world. If you want a durable and stylish watch to accompany you on your adventures, then the Chopard Happy Sport watch is perfect for you. 


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