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Chopard Watches

Chopard is over a century-old exquisite brand for watches and jewelry. Louis-Ulysse Chopard founded Chopard in 1860 at Sonvilier, Switzerland. In 1963, The brand Chopard was bought over by the Scheufele family of Germany. The Chopard brand is primarily admired for women's watches and their jewelry collection, both of which promise an exquisite standard of quality, precision and assurance. Chopard has a head office at Geneva, and their watch manufacturing facility is in Fleurier. The Chopard Classic Racing series is a high-end collection of men's watches. The Chopard Racing series is a collection that bridges automotive science along with the mechanics for producing watches. The brand is also widely celebrated for its collection of sports watches and the "women-oriented" watches.


Once you invest in any Chopard watch, you are investing in a rich and timeless history. Louis-Ulysse Chopard was a watchmaker who lived at Sonvilier. He noticed that marketing a finished watch was far more profitable than making the simple mechanical movement. He went on to establish the L.U.C. manufacturing company in 1860, which we now know as Chopard. After Louis-Ulysse's passing away in 1915, the company was grown under the leadership of his son, Paul-Louis, and grandson Paul-André. 


Chopard holds a great reputation all over the world as a watch and jewelry brand of extremely superior precision and quality. Chopard watches, revered by dedicated fans, are customizable in flagship models. The Classic Racing watch series is a highly sported and talked about collection of watches within sports watch segments. The Chopard Classic Racing series of watches are greatly inspired by the car racing world and its related elements. Launching the sports collection watches which are inspired by car racing, Chopard opened new avenues to scale its glory even higher in the world of elegant and superior quality watches globally.

The full range ensemble collection of sporty appearing, precise and sophisticated series of watches are notably executed to match the inspiration from the racing cars and sports world. Each watch from this magnificent collection pays top-class tributes to the sport of car racing. It has done it by ensuring every feature and inspiration drawn is incorporated in the watch designs which give it a rugged and sporty look. The highly unique and speedy models of watches from the Chopard Classic Racing collection have given it an entirely different platform in the arena of sporty and racing watch collections.

Chopard, an exquisite watch manufacturer, immensely cherishes independent production where the primary goal is to produce each part used in the watch manufacturing process entirely. The Chopard Classic Racing series of watches have speedy, automatic, energy and chronograph highlights that aid in making the magnificent idea come to life. Three watches from the Chopard Classic Racing collection have fantastically added loads of value to their entire build and stature. Through the years, Chopard as a watch manufacturer has been a very loyal partner to the classic and legendary industry of racing cars. This supports the fact the Chopard watch has engaged with the car racing sport for a very long time.

With absolute precision, giving a remarkable likeness to automobiles, the Chopard Classic Racing watch collection takes the thrill of watches to the next level in the universe of watches.

The Chopard Classic Racing chronograph model is creatively designed giving its appearance an immensely stylish, slim, yet imposing look. Every model is appropriately designed with the right size, and gives a very masculine look. This essentially complements the entire purpose and fundamental theme that the series displays. The Chopard Classic Racing watches lavishly serve the followers of precision and flawless watches, which have robust and stylish looks.

Each feature, in every watch from the Chopard Classic Racing watch series, is unique. Starting from the dial background, going to the bezel and the crown, components are firmly associated. Chopard watches have a deep resemblance to speedometers, engines and more significant components from the automobiles in the car racing world.

The sports watch collection by Chopard is created with the whole and sole purpose of driving superfast concepts in watches. These high-speed models of the Chopard watch collection come with superfast auto control, superfast chronograph and several other related features.

The Chopard racing sports watches represent an appealing treat for people who love sport watches or/and are connected to car racing sport.

Chopard Mille Miglia

The Chopard Mille Miglia, another true masterpiece from their Classic Racing series, comes with a dial diameter of 42 mm and a circular case which gives it the sporty look. The 42 mm dial gives it a clear visibility, allowing the wearer to take note of the all features that the watch offers. The Chopard Mille Miglia, an exquisite watch from the Classic Racing series, has an eye-catching look. It caters to all the specifics and meets the vision of Chopard as a company.

These enormously-loved Chopard Classic Racing watches, made superfast and automatic,  have a display window at 6. This shows seconds, minutes, hours and date.

The Chopard self-winding 01.01 M caliber embedded watch from the recent collection is completely designed, and created at their Fleurier Ebauches factory. This Chopard watch has a massive 60-hour reserve of power along with 41 mm dial diameter and is created in steel encasing, giving it water resistance to 100 meters deep. All these fine features have allowed the company to leverage the brand to introduce well-crafted pieces to the market. These extraordinary features blend well with the larger goal and vision of the Chopard brand.

Chopard has a fabulous bouquet to select from with relation to their sport watches,  especially the racing watches which are statuesque and classic. The chic and super vivacious watches from the Chopard Classic Racing collection are extremely awe-inspiring with a dash of sporty and rugged racing looks, finely designed.

The Chopard range of racing watches is a delight for watch collectors who love refinement with a touch of a sporty look on their wrist.

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