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Chopard Watches

Chopard is renowned for its vintage designs, innovative features and precision watchmaking. The following models are it's flagbearers of excellence.

LUC Quattro

This is a limited edition watch. The LUC Quattro breaks the established norms of regular Swiss watches in design and dimensions. It is an A-lister watch for its reliability of the patented Quattro technology. The watch can operate for 9 days, without any manual winding & it is also water resistant. The case is made of white gold and it is merely 43mm in diameter & 8.84mm in it's thickness. The LUC Quattro is an ideal match to the formal wear that may witness board meetings as well as golf tournaments & yacht parties.

Mille Miglia Classic Chronograph

High-end, high class & highly rated, the Mille Miglia Classic Chronograph maybe the most popular Chopard collection yet. It is respected in racing circles and the high speed fraternity. When the human body undergoes a high rush of adrenaline, it's line of sight gets focused on survival, instead of watches. The Chopard Mille Miglia makes it easier for racers to clock their time while they speed to greatness. First, the dial is white. Second, it mentions time in Arabic numerals instead of Roman numbers. Third, the sapphire of its see-through back has a glint that cannot escape the eye, but it never distracts the driver. Last but not the least, the winner of the rally can show off the attractive design with bezel diamonds.

These features are validated by a COSC certification. Chronograph and a power reserve that can last up to 42 hours.

Happy Diamond Watch 

The first Chopard collection to leave the world speechless, the Happy Diamond collection is symbolic of giving beauty it's freedom. In the decade of its launch i.e. 1970s, the general social norm was to preserve beauty. This approach restricted the free-spirited desires of many, especially women and public figures. Chopard created a timepiece with floating diamonds that appeared to dance between the sapphire glass. They branded this dance as a sign of happiness and freedom.

Today, the happy diamonds watch are legendary watches. A recent Christie's auction of 2015, sold a Happy diamond watch for a record price of 1.67 million dollars. It had a 2.62 carat pink Marquise diamond.

Chopard watches are reliable timepieces for their artistry, power dressing and unique features. Recently, the watch manufacturer has also commited to Ethical designs that uphold the sustainability practices of responsible businesses.

Chopard watches are a testament to the endurance of skill across a century while keeping the business afloat & growing into a global luxury brand. It had humble beginnings in the small Swiss town of Sonviller, the home of its founder Louis-Ulysse Chopard. Established in 1860, it manufactured and marketed its watches.

When Louis died in 1915, his son Paul- Louis & grandson Paul-Andre took over the family business. By 1921, they relocated Chopard to a larger town i.e. Chaux de Fonds. As the business grew, by 1937 they had moved on to Geneva. The business was manufacturing bespoke pocket watches & ladies' wristwatches. This was a time of expansion & each Chopard watch carried the respected Geneva stamp of excellence.

Then the post-war economic collapse hit the business very hard. Paul-Andre had the brand, the product & a list of loyal customers, but he could no longer keep the business afloat without his children willing to continue the business. In 1963, he made the difficult decision to sell Chopard to a renowned German Goldsmith & Watchmaker, Karl Scheufuele III. Karl was already on the lookout for a company that made high-quality Swiss dials. He had envisioned luxury watches with unmatched designs & functionalities. This merger gave Karl all the tools to make his vision a reality.

The expert goldsmith combined his designs, German traditions with Swiss techniques & dials to create the modern avatar of the Chopard watches. These were luxury watches that were reliable enough to last a lifetime. Timepieces that could grow into historic & heritage artifacts. Karl was the ideal leader to helm Chopard onto the global map. He diversified the product profile of Chopard & grew at a rapid pace across sports watches & jewelry. Chopard was re-imagined, re-branded & renewed as a lifestyle that permeated luxury, adventure, beauty & unmatched excellence.

This is the time when the watchmaker released its iconic collections every decade. In 1976, the Chopard happy diamonds watch was brought into this world & it grew into a collection of happy diamonds watches. The diamond was happy because it moved i.e. danced with joy while encased by two sapphire glasses. By 1988, the brand also launched its popular Chopard Mille Miglia collection.

Post-1970s, Chopard became a top competitor in luxury watches, jewelry & red carpet showcases. It underwent a constant change in management, manufacturing locations, etc. but Karl's children i.e. Caroline & Karl-Friedrich continue to play an important role in the business since the 1980s. They are currently the Co-Presidents of the business & they were instrumental in the setup of the flagship Chopard manufacturing facility at Fleurir. Thereafter, Chopards's entire manufacturing became in-house & independent of components sourced from 3rd parties. 

Chopard built its brand through active sponsorship of popular events, especially in Sports & entertainment. For example, they remain trophy sponsors at renowned film festivals such as Cannes & Palm d'Or. The Trophee Chopard Prize is a prestigious award at the Cannes Film Festival since 1998. Recently, they completed 2 decades of the Trophee Chopard and Palm d'Or Trophy. Chopard celebrated this achievement by launching an exclusive Palme d'Or that was covered with Fairmined diamonds.

Chopard has also been a key sponsor of the Monaco Grand Prix for nearly 20 years. Additionally, it partnered with the Mille Miglia car rally to establish the Chopard Mille Miglia Rally. Thereafter, the luxury brand became synonymous with the high adrenaline competitive sport.

Like every Chopard collection, each sponsored event has an appeal to the target market of the luxury watchmaker. Each event also exemplifies the qualities of the products and their impact on the quality of life.

The marketing strategy has remained a success for Chopard. In the year 2010, it celebrated the 150th anniversary of the business by grossing 550 million GBP from sales. Half of this revenue came from watch sales across the world. No wonder Chopard watches are priced at premium rates. A decade later, the global brand is an active member of the Federation of Swiss Watch Industry FH & it produces 75k watches annually.

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