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Casio Watches

Elegant, stylish, intelligent and high-performance, Casio Edifice is all things smart, handsome and powerful. A legacy timepiece to adorn the hands of men, the Edifice has enthralled watch connoisseurs for over 2 decades.

The Edifice comes in different alluring models, bringing to the fore sensible innovation and timeless style. From bands in resin, nylon and metal, and generous water resistance, to high-end solar-powered and smartphone-compatibility features, the Edifice is quite impressive.

The Edifice comes from Casio, a brand with a rich legacy. Casio was founded by the Kashio brothers – Tadao Kashio, Kazuo, Yukio and Toshio in April 1946. 

Did you know that the first invention of the Kashio brothers was the Yubiwa smoking pipe? Shaped 

as a finger ring, this device allowed users to smoke cigarettes all the way to the end. Then, in 1957, came the 14-A, the first all-electric calculator in the world.

Led by Toshio, the company reached greater heights of innovation and growth. Tadao took on the company’s financial leadership. Yukio managed production while Kazuo led the sales end of the company.

The Brand Emblem

Toshio Kashio, who designed the Casio calculator, was also the individual behind the company’s emblem. The 4 highlighting K-pointers in the emblem represent the Kashio brothers and their solid ties with each other. The emblem represents the founding brothers’ philosophy of working in unison.

The First Casio Watch

It was in 1974 that Casio introduced its first watch – the Casiotron QW02. Casiotron was the first electronic watch in the world to have a self-adjustable calendar. Since then, the company has been one of the pioneers in advanced watch technology and innovation. 

Casio Watches in Later Years

Casio saw the release of its extremely popular G-SHOCK shock-resistant watch in November 2002. 

This was followed by a line of radio-controlled and solar-based watches. These timepieces came with a complete metal case.

Radio-controlled G-SHOCK was introduced in June 2008. This watch was the first in the world to feature a Multi Band 6 technology. This was followed by the launch of Tough Movement technology for the brand’s radio-controlled watches. These timepieces were known for their sleek design and high functionality.

In December 2009, the G-SHOCK saw a total of 50 million watches being shipped across the world. In 2016, Casio showed its expertise in watchmaking with the Smart Outdoor Watch, aimed at wearers with an intense outdoor life. This outdoor watch was designed to perform well in rain and other outdoor situations.

The following years saw Casio introducing more advanced product lines, featuring some of the finest timepieces the world would come to love. 

The Edifice

The Edifice was introduced as a metal watch brand in August 2000. Edifice Casio focuses on form and functionality without taking out the zing factor from timepieces. Each Edifice timepiece is known for its classy design, genuine materials and relevant features.

The Edifice became a craze, especially among youngsters who found the different types of time measurements enabled by the Edifice, amazing. The variance in the face designs made the Edifice stand out, which added to the popularity of this Casio line.

The Active Racing Line was the initial Edifice line to be introduced. This line was based on motor sports. In 2012, Edifice saw two new lines – the Advanced Marine Line and the Solid Urban Line. 

The Solid Urban Line features designs that are simple, functional and blend in naturally with modern urban lifestyles. These timepieces have been designed to deliver a feel of luxury to wearers.

The Advanced Marine Line is inspired by ocean sports. Watches in this line have a dynamic design and show water resistance of up to 200 meters. 

Whether you are attending a red carpet event, or a grand corporate get-together, or are looking to rely on your own precise timekeeping as a sportsperson, the Edifice is your trusted companion. 

The Edifice is perfect for tasks and situations where precision of time makes all the difference. If you have been thinking that a chronograph is nerdy and boring, then you must try the Edifice. Nothing even remotely boring or uninteresting about this timepiece!


The Edifice is a luxury watch that goes beyond being only a fashion accessory. 

A Design that Lasts

If you are among those watch lovers that cherish a precision design with meticulous thought to details, then the Edifice is for you. The Edifice is not simply a watch. It is a representation of high quality, durability, precision and brand trust.

The ECBS100D-1A, for example, is a high-precision timepiece that unites the detailing and stylishness of a sophisticated sports car. The watch combines analog and digital timekeeping to lend high precision. This timepiece uses a Bluetooth-smartphone link to connect with your smartphone. No better way to be precise with your time anywhere!

The design involves a mesh dial that is metallic black and resemblant to the grille on the front of a sports car. An inbuilt LED light enables an easy read. The visibility is further improved by a crystal reinforced with a glare-resistant layer.

There is then solar power that powers this timepiece to accomplish tasks with ease and efficiency. This power keeps the watch stable even when your timepiece is busy performing power-consuming tasks.

The entire technology and features reside in a wonderfully slim design. 

High-Quality Materials

Luxury and functionality coexist beautifully in the Edifice.

The EFB680D line of luxury sports chronograph watches, for example, features a scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. This is an all-stainless-steel watch with the signature octagonal bezel, 100m water resistance, a 1-touch 3-fold clasp and a stainless steel band.


The Edifice comes in a range of stunning exterior features, including the crystal, band and dial. From classy to bold and sporty, you’ll find designs that cater to every taste. 

Internal features that make the Edifice a high-performing line include smartphone connectivity, tachymeter, water resistance, solar power, precision and speed. Some Edifice timepieces such as the ECB20DB-1A come with the useful feature of automatic time adjustment in different time zones. 

You do not have to operate a button to make the adjustment.


The Casio brand story is one of achievement, inspiration and the unshakeable strength of a collective effort. The same values reflect in every timepiece of the brand, the Edifice included.

The Edifice reflects its brand values with its premium quality of materials and the well-researched designs with perfection in every detail. The speed and precision of timekeeping and the meticulously-included features are factors that are hard to replicate.

The continuing success of Edifice is in its capability to include novel timepieces designed to suit the changing tastes of audiences with time.

The Edifice goes beyond basic timekeeping to cater to your tastes of luxury and fine craftsmanship.


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