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Tag Heuer is a leading Swiss luxury watchmaker, and in 2015, they became the first Swiss watchmaker to step into the field of smartwatches. Over the years, they have designed and perfected multiple models of smartwatches. The collection has been named Tag Heuer Connected Modular Watches. Some of the most popular models of the series are the tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 and Tag Heuer Connected Modular 41. These watches are powered by Google and Intel and make use of the Android interface. The collection has gained praise for successfully combining the aesthetics and functionality of a classic watch with a modern smartwatch.

Tag Heuer is among the first high-end luxury watchmakers to embrace the latest technologies in their watches. In continuation of their spirit of innovation, they have ventured into the arena of smartwatches. Much like their other enterprises, they have excelled in their craft and design of smartwatches. The TAG Heuer Connected watch is a matchless combination of classic watchmaking principles and modern technology. It is a chronograph-inspired watch equipped for performance. The Tag Heuer Connected watch draws inspiration from the case style of TAG Heuer Carrera. To this tried and tested design, they have incorporated advanced technology from industry leaders like Intel and Google.

Combined with Google Wear OS support and the Tag Heuer Sports app, the Tag Heuer Connected watches are an ideal match for those who love to embrace the best technology has to offer. The experience of sporting a timeless Tag Heuer design is further enhanced by the newly developed TAG Heuer mobile app. With the app, you can get a completely tailored experience that will help you keep in check various aspects of daily life. It serves an even better purpose for those who like to keep a track of their physical and emotional well-being.

Tag Heuer was already an established name in the world of luxury, high-end watches when they decided to explore the possibilities of combining technology with classic watchmaking. To give life to this vision, the company brought its first smartwatch to the market in 2015.

First-generation Tag Heuer Connected Modular watches

The first-ever luxury Swiss smartwatch to hit the market was the TAG Heuer Connected watch, which was launched in 2015. The design of this Tag Heuer Connected watch resembles the TAG Heuer Carrera-style case. Tag Heuer worked closely with their partners Google and Intel to develop and perfect the technology behind the watch. People who bought the Tag Heuer Connected watch were also given the opportunity to exchange it for a traditional mechanical movement TAG Heuer Carrera. This was the start of TAG Heuer's smartwatch mission.

The TAG Heuer smartwatch comes with a 46mm titanium case with a design reminiscent of TAG Heuer Carrera. Multiple watch face options are also available for buyers. The watch perfectly combines the best of a digital, hi-tech watch with a classic Tag Heuer design and performance.

TAG Heuer Connected Modular 45

After receiving positive feedback for the Tag Heuer Connected Watch, the company set out to release its upgraded version. In 2017, this upgraded version was released and named Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45. The central design of the Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 resembles high-end premium watches that come at a much higher price point than smartwatches. The '45' in the name is indicative of the watch's diameter. It has a solid and strong look with a thickness of 13.7mm. The watch also has excellent water resistance, making it perfect for activities like swimming and diving. With a full metal case weighing 62.5g, the watch has a timeless and high-end aesthetic.

Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45 comes packed with Google working framework. The watch is capable of running independent applications without the requirement of a cell phone in close proximity. Switching between smartwatch mode and mechanical mode is also very easy. It has been updated to Android Wear 2.0, and now supports important apps like Android Pay. Two great mechanical module options are available for the TAG Heuer Connected 45 smartwatch - the Caliber 5 and the Caliber 02T. The former has an advanced period-and-date programmed development, and the latter comes with the TAG Heuer basic tourbillon.

Tag Heuer Connected Modular 41

In 2018, the 41mm variant of the TAG Heuer Connected Modular was launched. The 2018 model was a development on the 2017 Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45, following the same underlying principles. Certain changes and tweaks were also made to improve functionality and performance. The new model had a smaller diameter, as is evident from the number 41 in its name, as opposed to the 2017 model's number 45. Reduction in the diameter was primarily done to accommodate for wearers with slim wrists. In a series of technological developments, the new model comes with an updated CPU with a greater pixel density, a larger RAM, and extended storage. The recent model features 1GB RAM and 8GB storage that gives ample storage space.

Like Tag Heuer Connected Modular 45, the Connected Modular 41 also has easy-to-remove straps and lugs which can be easily switched for different occasions. It also has both a smartwatch and mechanical modules for this model. The Tag Heuer Connected Modular 41 is a great watch for its ability to adapt. It gives you the best of both worlds in one watch.

2020 TAG Heuer Connected Modular smartwatch

In 2020, TAG Heuer launched the third generation of its Connected Modular Smartwatch. With 5 years of experience, the 2020 version promised something new and innovative. Like all watches in the Tag Heuer Connected series, this model combines a balance of timeless TAG Heuer details and a modern digital experience with advanced capabilities. The 2020 model comes with water resistance to up to 50m depth, making it perfect for swimmers.

It comes packed with a set of functions on the sports session mode. It includes GPS, audio streaming, and heart-rate monitoring. At the back, there is a new non-medical-grade heart-rate sensor to optimize calorie burning data. Simultaneously, the GPS measures the position and calculates several performance benchmarks of the wearer. It is a complete set of tools and functionalities required to stay on track with your health and fitness packed in the body of a premium watch.

Tag Heuer Connected Modular watches are going from step to step with every new upgrade. With their drive for innovation and willingness to adopt the latest technologies, they have made an impact on the smartwatch market. Smartwatches are relatively recent in the domain of Tag Heuer, but in just about 5 years, they have shown considerable promise and potential. The future of Tag Heuer Connected watches look as promising as the company keeps improving its watches.

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