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Guess Watches

Guess did not begin its journey as the symbol of young, sexy and adventurous it is known to be today. It had very humble beginnings, and was founded by four brothers who had left their home in France to pursue the "American Dream". Paul, Armand, Maurice and Georges Marciano belonged to a Jewish family which ran a small clothing venture before they decided to move to America in 1981. They marketed their jeans collection and their stone washed denim jeans called the Marilyn Jean instantly gained a lot of popularity. In the light of this success, the brothers soon expanded to accommodate new fashion lines, apparel and accessories.

The brand continued to grow and receive success, with its revolutionary fashion and never-before-seen advertising campaigns. Georges Marciano quit the company and sold his shares to his brothers in 1993, merely 3 years before Guess went public. In 1996, Guess had become a public company and continued to grow in multifold. Eventually, Armand also retired from the company. Paul and Marice continue to work with Guess even today.

Guess? Inc. does not offer just apparel but offers a whole lifestyle. It caters to men, women, children, teenagers and infants. There is something for everybody at Guess.


The first line of Guess watches was launched in 1983. The design of these watches is commensurate with the global image of the brand. The timepieces are bold and beautiful, with cutting edge designs.

The first line of Guess watches was launched by Callanen International, which is a subsidiary of Timex. Ever since then, Callanen International holds the manufacturing rights of Guess watches and also holds distribution rights worldwide. By the end of 2005, it appeared as if the agreement between Guess? Inc. and Callanen International might fall through in favor of Fossil. However, by 2006, Guess made an announcement that their contract with Callanen International had been renewed for another 15 years. This meant that Callanen International held the manufacturing and distribution rights of Guess watches until 1 January 2007. In November 2006, Timex decided to reorganize Callanen International. They added a new subsidiary, which they called Sequel AG.

After January 2007, Sequel AG had the rights for the manufacturing and distribution of Guess watches, which they hold to date.


Guess watches are known to be extremely stylish. Their collections are for both men and women, and their designs reflect that the makers pay close attention to the latest trends. This ensures that the Guess watches align with the brand's image of being young, sexy and adventurous. The brand has a large range of watches, with there being something for everybody. They are durable and sturdy and allow the customers to wear a luxurious looking watch without burning a hole in their pockets.

About a typical guess watch:

A typical Guess watch is of the analogue-quartz type. However, they also have smart watches, digital watches and analogue watches in their fashion collection. In terms of material, Guess watches are of high quality and are made of durable materials like polycarbonate or stainless steel. The color gold is the most prominent watch color for Guess watches, both for men and women. Owing to the brand's history with denim, their collection of blue-toned watches is also extremely popular. Of course, Guess watches can be found in other colors like red, yellow, white, pink, brown, purple, black, green, and so on. Their watches can also be in metal tones or dual tones or triple tones.

Guess watches for men:

The Guess watches for men are produced in two sizes. The mid-size watches are 40 mm to 42 mm, while the larger size is 42 mm and above. The watches reflect the precision and focus with which they have been built and make the wearer instantly look powerful and influential. Some of the popular choices of Guess men's watches are G by Guess Men's Black Watch, G by Guess Men's Silver Watch and Guess Black-Tone Multifunction Watch. 

Guess watches for women:

The Guess watches for women are produced in three sizes. The small-size watches are 25 mm to 30mm, the mid-size watches are 31 mm to 36 mm, and the large-size watches are 36.5 mm and above. Apart from Guess' typical designs, the collection for women also hosts sparkling timepieces which are set with dazzling stones. Some of the popular choices of Guess women's watches are Guess Leather Ladies Watch, Guess Women's Stainless Steel Crystal Casual Watch, Guess Women's Stainless Steel Petite Vintage Inspired Crystal Bracelet Watch. 


Guess offers an excellent selection of wrist watches, which is rare to find in a fashion house of its nature. Their timepieces are an ideal pick for any fashion-forward individual who is looking to make heads turn. Their collection is comprehensive and ensures that there is something for everybody!

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