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Briston Watches

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Owning a Briston watch has quickly become a status symbol competing with older and better-known watch brands. Briston watches, however, focus more on a young and vibrant aesthetic instead of going the classic way. From incorporating eco-friendly materials to coming up with a range of collections, Briston's relatively short journey is marked with successful innovations.

Briston watches are available in a range of finishes and tones. The Classic, Sport, Chic, and Lady collections are quartz-movement driven, while the Iconic, Traveler, Diver, and Streamliner skeleton lines house automatic movements. They also come with a choice of straps and acetate or stainless steel cases. Acetate cases also incorporate certain stainless steel elements.

Briston watches are the brainchild of Brice Jaunet. He is a French watchmaker who spent several years in England learning about luxury watches and their market. He spent a long time in Richemont working on Cartier watches. After that, he moved on to work for Baume & Mercier and Raymond Weil. After spending a couple of successful years working for them, he went on to work for Zenith and specialized in Internstio Al Marketing.

After working with other companies for several years, Jauntet decided to give life to his own vision. With the help of his friends who had expertise in Swiss watchmaking, Brice Jaunet embarked on the mission to create Briston. Briston was born in 2012 with its distinctive casual appeal.

The impact of British life and culture is distinctly visible in Briston watches. Brice Jaunet spent a lot of time in Oxford where he fell in love with the English way of life. He wanted his watches to convey the best of his homeland France and England. Be it the English polo culture, cricket pitches, or boat racing, Briston watches are perfect for all sporty and casual occasions.

Briston watches target different customer bases. Whether you are looking for a classic chronograph or a handy travel watch, Briston has it all. Now we will explore in detail some of the most popular collections from the house of Briston.


Briston Clubmaster Classic

The Briston Clubmaster Classic is one of the first collections from Briston to make a global mark. It is a collection of chronographs with three-hand date models. The Clubmaster date models and Clubmaster chronographs have some significant differences. For example, the Clubmaster chronograph models come with the Miyota OS 21 quartz movement. The date models are powered by the Miyota 2315 quartz movement. Apart from that, the date models come in specialized cellulose acetate cases. All watches from the Briston Clubmaster collection come in 40 mm cases and domed mineral crystals. The watches offer water resistance of up to 100 m and are available in a wide range of color and strap options.


Clubmaster sport

The Clubmaster Sport is a collection of attractive quartz-chronograph watches inspired by the racing cars of the 1960s. The watches come in 42 mm cases and have a water resistance of up to 100 m. It comes packed with the Miyota OS21 movement and displays the date at 6 hours. The matching, interchangeable NATO straps make these watches even more attractive. The colorful NATO straps are one of the most remarkable elements of Briston watches.


Clubmaster Iconic

As the name suggests, Clubmaster iconic is a remarkable collection of automatic timepieces. These watches are powered by the Seiko NH38A and Seiko NH35A movements. There is also a choice of straps between classic leather and colorful NATO. These watches come with a water resistance of 50 m.


Clubmaster Chic

The Clubmaster Chic is a collection of 36mm watches that have a distinct chic appeal. The Miyota 2035 quartz caliber powers these watches The hour and minute hands come with the Superluminova insert for easier readability across different conditions. These watches have a water resistance of up to 100 m.


Clubmaster Lady

Briston's Clubmaster Lady collection is aimed towards women and their fashion needs. They have a small 24mm case diameter and 12mm wide leather, mesh, or NATO straps. A black onyx cabochon tops its time-setting crowns.


Clubmaster Traveller

The Swiss-made SW 330-1 automatic movement powers the Clubmaster Traveller collection which is geared towards globetrotters and travelers. These watches have GMT functions and a 24-hour time zone inner bezel.


Clubmaster Diver

Three watches come under the Clubmaster Diver collection - Diver, Diver Pro, and Diver Yachting. They come in a 42 mm case diameter and the Seiko NH35A automatic movement. The Diver Pro, however, comes with 44 mm cases and has water resistance of up to 300 m.


Clubmaster Streamliner Skeleton

The Clubmaster Streamline Skeleton is equipped with the Miyota 8N40 caliber and comes with 42mm diameter barrel-cambered cases made of smoked acetate or stainless steel. These watches are more of fashion watches and have a water resistance of only up to 50 m.

Over the years, Briston watches have proved their mettle in a competitive watch industry. They have made a place for themselves among other chronographs and classic watches. Today Briston watches are available in more than 50 countries. People with different styles and tastes rely on Briston to deliver suitable watches for them.

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