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All About Grand Seiko 9S Mechanical Watches

After a brief hiatus in 1976, Grand Seiko returned in 1986 and gave the world the beloved Grand Seiko Mechanical. 

Released as a replacement for the original 9SGS, the 9S Mechanical Calibre was introduced in 1998. In addition, the release of the Grand Seiko GMT in 2002, the Spring Drive versions in 2004, as well as the Hi-Beat variants in 2009, garnered much public recognition for the brand. This allowed Grand Seiko to efficiently capture the market again and continue its reign in the world of watchmaking.

The re-launched line of watches was powered with the updated calibre 5200, which now is its standalone range known as the 9S. The main attractive feature of these watches was the new mainspring that enabled the watches to extend power capacity up to 50 hours. With plenty of inspiration taken from the original 44GS, these watches have reached great heights and have accumulated a devoted global fan base.

As of today, Grand Seiko watches are conceptualized and perfected at the Shizukuishi Watch Studio. Its line of mechanical watches stands out for being creative, efficient, and unique. Right from the start, Grand Seiko has focused its efforts on originality and innovation, which has paid off really well too. Today, the brand prides itself on being able to deliver on its promise of premium luxury watches at affordable prices. Hence, there’s no doubt that its fans remain loyal to its offerings.

Grand Seiko’s mechanical watches have garnered quite a reputation for having innovative and unique mechanisms that deliver precision and accuracy. These watches are built with over two to three hundred individual parts that provide the most exemplary experience to the wearer. The watch has also been polished by hand, giving you luxury and efficiency complementarily.

 The reason why Grand Seiko’s mechanical watches have been able to rise to the occasion can be attributed to its MEMS (Micro Electro Mechanical System) Technology. These watches gain power from the functioning of the mainspring. In addition, wearers can experience a steady rotation of the hour, minute, and second hands thanks to the collaborative effort of the balance, pallet fork, and escape wheel. The craftsmen and women at Grand Seiko have ensured unparalleled dedication in developing the perfect timepieces for wearers to enjoy.

Undoubtedly, the heart of the mechanical timepiece is the hairspring, which is responsible for maintaining utmost accuracy. Likewise, plenty of effort has been given to intricate details as well. This dedication to creating unique timepieces has allowed Grand Seiko to truly explore watchmaking in the best way possible. They are capable of understanding the needs of their target audience and developing timeless watches that cater to a wide variety of people. Perhaps, it is this quality that has allowed the brand to remain one of the top players in its market.

In 2018, Grand Seiko released three limited edition timepieces as part of its 20th Anniversary celebrations. These unique watches have won over the masses for their understated elegance and beauty. 

The three watches are namely - Hi-Beat 36000 V.F.A. SBGH265, Hi-Beat 36000 Special SBGH266 and Hi-Beat 36000 SBGH267.

The limited-edition watches are based on the make of the original 9S calibre, and pay tribute to it as well. The makers of this range conducted a thorough testing program that lasted 34 days in order to reach the utmost levels of accuracy. With plenty of emphasis on precision of +3 to -1 seconds per day, the watches are powered with 9S85 Hi-Beat 36000 calibre. This technology ensures accuracy to the highest levels, which is definitely a plus for the modern-day watch wearer.

Grand Seiko has drawn inspiration from its previous models to develop this new limited-edition range. One such model that inspired the makers was the Grand Seiko GMT Hi-Beat 36000 (SBGJ227) 'Peacock'. This unique model was introduced in the year 2017 and was highly successful among the masses. The GMT collection also released several other variants. For instance, the watch model with a green dial, which won the Petit Aiguille recognition, as well as one with a textured deep red dial. One model that stands out amongst the 10th-anniversary releases has a blue dial along with choices for a regular strap or a bracelet with a 24-hour bezel.

Grand Seiko Automatic also released a watch in reference to SBGR053. Although every aspect of this timepiece spells luxury, it is priced quite reasonably. In fact, it is often referred to as one of the most affordable luxury watches out there. This watch is quite small and showcases understated elegance. It is available in a 37 mm case, although the thickness can be measured as 13.3 mm. This dainty look is accompanied by dauphine hands, which add to the overall elegance of the timepiece. Made to look stunning on any wrist, this watch is surely one to look out for.

These watches are proof enough that the Grand Seiko Mechanical range is one that cannot be missed out on. Combining performance and design beautifully, Grand Seiko has really hit the mark with this collection. If you’re an enthusiast of mechanical watches, you’re sure to find a Grand Seiko Mechanical watch that caters perfectly to your taste.

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