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Grand Seiko Watches

All About Grand Seiko 9F Quartz Watches

Grand Seiko was established in the year 1960 and has since captured the world of watchmaking. The brand’s one true motivation was to create elegant and efficient watches that remain in style for ages. Not only that, the brand also placed plenty of importance on durability, ensuring that the wearer can enjoy their timepiece for years and years. 

One remarkable quality of Grand Seiko is that it chose to foray into a market that already saw established frontrunners. As we know, the Swiss pride themselves on making some of the most exemplary watch designs around the globe. In spite of the same, this Japanese watchmaker brought its own set of ideas and novel technology to provide watch enthusiasts with so much more to choose from. It was this conviction and self-belief that has helped the brand achieve immense success, and as a result, obtain a loyal following of fans. Today, Grand Seiko stands tall as one of the leading watchmaking brands in the world.

Before the world became comfortable with the idea of quartz watches, leading Swiss watchmakers focused on perfecting both automatic and manual timepieces. Grand Seiko was the first watchmaker to introduce and perfect the quartz watch as we know it today.

 In the year 1988, Grand Seiko released the 95GS, which surpassed all expectations and emerged as a clear winner in the quartz watch category. The brand’s ability to produce in-house components to add a personal touch to their timepieces was greatly appreciated. Dedicated craftsmen and women at Grand Seiko ensured that they picked only the best quartz pieces that could deliver superior performance and accuracy. Regardless of different conditions and places, these watches are durable to the highest degree and can be adorned with a great sense of pride. 

After the production of the 95GS, which was primarily catered towards men, the brand did not hesitate to prepare a timepiece for their female following as well. With that thought arrived the 3FGS, which was mainly marketed towards women. 

After enjoying great success, the brand did not once set aside its ambitions. The starting goal was to achieve phenomenal global success and Grand Seiko was not going to stop after its first few milestones. 

In 1993, the brand introduced the calibre 9F8, which consisted of a revolutionary new twin pulse control system. In addition, the new technology also included the backlash auto-adjust mechanism, the instant date change mechanism as well as the super sealed cabin. With these new changes, the brand established itself as a frontrunner in terms of development and progress. Grand Seiko’s commitment to developing new technology and introducing the same to their range of new watches led them to taste success right away.

Yet again, the brand conceptualized and introduced the 9F6 series in the year 1997. With technological advancements taken care of, the brand also focused on design and user comfort. Hence, the design of the case was re-adjusted to ensure utmost ease of wear so that the wearer could enjoy their watch to its fullest potential.

When we look at the craftsmanship of these Grand Seiko quartz watches, we notice that they have left no stone unturned in their journey to greatness. When we look at the mechanism of these watches, we notice that there has been immense attention given to details. The quartz watch is powered by a battery that ensures the utmost accuracy. The battery first sends out a signal to the quartz oscillator, and an affirmation runs through the calibre 32, 768 times per second. Once this mechanism is enabled and perfected by the expert craftsmen and women at Grand Seiko, the hour and minutes hands are added to the case. The parts are fully assembled by hand, which further goes to show how much emphasis is laid on perfection and luxury. 

The instant date change mechanism in the watch is yet another feature that needs to be discussed. The technology facilities the date on the watch to change in the blink of an eye. At the time these watches were released with this mechanism, it took the world by storm and disbelief. The makers were definitely aiming to innovate and bring about something new to the market, and it’s safe to say they have achieved what they set out to do. Today, it’s one of the key markers of Grand Seiko’s innovation. 

For several years, Grand Seiko has placed importance on novelty. In a world market that was dominated mostly by Swiss watch technology, this company decided to focus on their own capabilities and produce timepieces that made wearers feel elegant and assured. The quartz movement, in particular, helped launch the brand to the international market, garnering appreciation from every corner. In spite of the formidable competition, Grand Seiko relied on their own style of watchmaking and decided to accomplish what very few brands could. 

Every watch wearer looks for a commitment from their timepiece, especially in terms of accuracy and durability. Grand Seiko promises on both of these and also includes timeless style and beauty to their range of quartz watches. Once you invest in one of these precious timepieces, you’ll surely understand the Grand Seiko difference.

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