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Breitling Watches

All About Breitling Transocean Watches

The history of the Breitling Transocean watch is an interesting story. Leon Breitling who was the founder of the Breitling watches started the brand in Jura Mountains, Switzerland in 1884. He was developing pocket chronographs and other precision watches that could be used for sports and other industries. As the brand grew, he relocated his studio from the Jura mountains to La Chaux de Fonds which is considered to be the center of watchmaking.

After a decade, the revered founder breathed his last. Soon after his demise, the Breitling watch brand was inherited by his son, Gaston. When he was at the helm of affairs, the period also saw one of the world’s deadliest war battles - World War I. During the war, he noted the great use of aviation on the battlefield and also took note of the requirement of precision tools for pilots. This observation inspired him to start making pilot watches.

In 1915, Gaston introduced chronograph wristwatches, and they became an instant hit. Thereafter, he started upgrading the wristwatches and came up with a chronograph wristwatch with a separate push-piece above the crown.

Later in 1927, Gaston passed away and the future of the Breitling watch brand seemed uncertain. His son was only 14 years of age when he passed away and couldn’t inherit the business. It was decided to hand over the brand to an external team of people who steered the brand successfully in the midst of an economic crisis - The Great Depression. Once Gaston’s son, Willy, became an adult, he was handed over the Breitling brand. He continued to innovate the wristwatch, like what his father and grandfather did.

In the year 1934, Willy introduced a chronograph wristwatch that had two pushers. One pusher for the start option and the other for the pause option. There was also a separate pusher for the reset option. Even today, the company uses this design for making wristwatches.

As years passed, the Breitling watch brand continued to grow and by the 1950s they established themselves as the dominant supplier of pilot watches. Later in 1952, along with the Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA), Breitling introduced Navitimer in the market. The product is considered to be the ultimate pilot’s watch. Although the design and style of the product appeal to all watch lovers, the functionality of the watch was developed keeping the pilots in mind.

Now that you have got a better understanding of the history of the Breitling brand, the next segment throws light on Breitling Transocean.


Around the year 1958, the period saw people exploring the world by air and sea. Noting this popularity, Willy conceptualized wristwatches targeting the intercontinental flyers. Unlike Navitimer which was designed for pilots, Breitling Transocean watches were created to appeal to those air travelers who wanted to flaunt their dapper looks.

Breitling Transocean boasts an elegant look that is perfect for air travelers. In addition to the looks, the watch also boasts numerous features. The model is shock-resistant, antimagnetic, and water-resistant, along with other features. It also comes with COSC-certified automatic mechanical movement. The watch was not only eye-catching but also one of the most distinguished watches in that era.

Later in the 1970s, the brand paused its manufacturing of the watches for a certain period. This was primarily due to deteriorating health of Willy. Although Willy had two sons, the sons were not in a position to handle the business. In addition to this, the period also witnessed the Quartz crisis which seemed difficult for the watch industry to revive. All this prompted Willy to sell the assets of the brand. He decided to sell the assets to Ernest Schneider.

After four decades, in the year 2010, under the new leadership, the collection of Breitling Transocean watches was revived. This time around, the leadership decided to relaunch the Breitling Transocean watches by adding contemporary upgrades. 

Breitling Transocean Chronograph

Since they were experts in chronograph watches, they introduced the Breitling Transocean Chronograph watch which featured a 43 mm case with 14.35 mm thickness. The 43 mm dial of the watch makes it easy to read the time. In addition to this, the timeless design of the watch makes it dead-gorgeous. The watch includes numerous functions like a Chronograph, Tachymeter, 70-hour power reserve, and others. It is a perfect watch for any occasion.

Breitling Transocean Chronograph Unitime 

Subsequently, a similar gorgeous watch, the Breitling Transocean Chronograph Unitime was released in 2014. This watch boasts 24 time zones and has a function that helps you to adjust time according to the local time of a particular location. Hence, the watch can be termed a world-time watch. The watch also includes a calendar, it is scratch-resistant and water-resistant. If you are someone who loves traveling and visiting countries, this watch is best suited for such occasions.


The Breitling brand has been releasing many models of Transocean after its revival. It appears that this will continue in the future as well. The classic and elegant style of the watch sports a luxurious look when strapped around the wrist. Added to this, the seamless functionality of the watch enhances its value. Whether traveling on a plane, attending a party, or attending a club, no matter what the occasion, Breitling Transocean is made for every occasion. Hope the journey of Breitling continues…


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