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Breitling Watches

Breitling has been in existence for more than a century now, and the company has established its name as one of the best watchmakers in the world. However, things were not always like that. It took many years for Leon Breitling to lay the foundations of the company. Despite that, the company was on the brink of a shutdown for a while. When ownership changed from the Breitling family to the Siccura Company, it breathed fresh life into the brand. Eventually, the company was sold to CVC Capital Partners and still runs under them.

The history of Breitling begins in 1884. It was the beginning of the rich watchmaking tradition that would go on to have a huge influence on Switzerland and adjacent countries. Leon Breitling was a young watchmaker who realized his lifelong dream with the foundation of Breitling. The first manufacturing unit was founded in Saint-Imier in Switzerland. From there, Breitling slowly grew and became popular among the masses. After Leon Breitling passed away, his son and then his grandson took charge of Breitling. But they failed to maintain the standards, and the manufacturing unit at Saint-Imier closed down. 

When Ernst Schneider from Sicura Company bought the company from the Breitling family, he was essentially buying the brand name of Breitling. Since Breitling already had a market presence and a good brand image, it was not difficult for Schneider to revive the business. Breitling was soon up and running with a new manufacturing unit in Grenchen. 

Sicura Company managed the company for many years until Theodore Schneider sold 80% of the company to CVC Partners for a staggering sum of $870 million. A few years later, Theodore Schneider sold the remaining 20% of the company, and now CVC Partners completely owns Breitling.

History of Breitling Bentley

Breitling Bentley is a result of the collaboration between Breitling and Bentley Motors. The Breitling Bentley collection was launched in 2002. Over the next decade, the Breitling Bentley collection has given us many memorable models. These watches are designed keeping in mind the aesthetic of Bentley Motors and its cars. 

The Breitling Bentley collection is among the most successful collections from Breitling. At the same time, it is a relatively new collection. While the first models were launched in 2002, the newer and more popular models were released only in 2015. Let's find out more about the most memorable models from this collection. 


Bentley GMT, Bentley B06, and Bentley B05 are some of the most popular models from the Breitling Bentley collection. The history of the Breitling Bentley collection is linked to a 24-hour race hosted by Bentley. All Bentley watches bear a sign of this race with the 24-hour display. 

While there are many notable  Breitling watches, the Bentley collection stands apart. It has a special appeal that is very desirable for all motorsports and car enthusiasts. The aesthetic of the watch is different from other Breitling watches. All the watches in the collection have a thematic unity despite many individual differences. Now, let's get into a more detailed description of some of the best Breitling Bentley watches. 

Bentley GMT

Launched in 2008, the Breitling Bentley GMT is arguably the most popular watch from the Bentley collection. It has a large dial, which is quite common in many watches in the Bentley collection. The most memorable aspect of the watch is the 24-hour marker with the names of 24 cities from around the world. The stainless steel version of the Breitling Bentley has the reference A47362, while the red gold variation has the reference number R47362. It is one of the best models from the Breitling Bentley collection.

Breitling Bentley B06

The Breitling Bentley B06 model gets its name from the B06 movement that powers the watch. It is an in-house movement from the house of Breitling and designed exclusively for the Bentley collection. It has a characteristic knurled motif that makes the watch distinguishable. Over the past several years, the Breitling Bentley B06 watch has gained a lot of popularity due to its appealing aesthetics. It is available in different color combinations and strap options. Those looking for a great multipurpose watch with a rich heritage would greatly appreciate the mastery that has gone into making this watch.

Breitling Bentley B05

The last Breitling Bentley watch that we'll talk about is the memorable Breitling Bentley B05 watch. It is also known for its worldtime chronograph feature which makes it one of the best chronographs in the world. Breitling Bentley B05 is known for its 23-time zone feature. The most characteristic feature of this watch is the double-disc system that powers the watch. With a sapphire crystal case back, this is one of the most beautiful watches you would ever come across. For anyone seeking a great watch that serves all purposes, the Breitling Bentley B05 is a great choice.


With its long history and tradition, Breitling is one of the top-tier watch companies in the world. Over the past decades, Breitling has given us many memorable watch models. Breitling Bentley is a homage to the long collaboration between Breitling and Bentley Motors. Each model from the collection has its unique appeal despite being similar to the other watches in the collection. 

Breitling has its own place in the global luxury watchmaking space. It has its own follower base that keeps increasing to this day. The Breitling Bentley collection is a fine example of watchmaking mastery from this century-old brand. 


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