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Ulysse Nardin Watches

Ulysse Nardin Watches

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Ulysse Nardin is a prominent name in the luxury industry. Its luxury watches combine well-established horology traditions with latest technologies. Prominent watch collections from this iconic brand include Marine, Diver, Freak, Executive and Classico.

The Marine collection includes Torpilleur, Chronograph, Chronometer, Regatta and Tourbillon, among others. The Diver series includes Diver, Diver Chronometer, Diver Chronograph and Diver Deep models. Its mechanical Freak collection has Freak X, Freak Vision, Freak Out and others. The Executive series wristwatches have contemporary styles. Some models in this collection include Dual Time, Skeleton Tourbillon, Skeleton X, Blast and others. The Classico collection includes classical timepieces of this iconic brand. These systems have precision horology complications, gem-setting and other features.

The Swiss manufacturer Ulysse Nardin has been making luxury products for 170 years. The well-established brand is a prominent name in the luxury industry. Its marine chronometers have been used across the world by navies, marine explorers and others across the world in some very tough conditions.

The company calls itself “Manufacture of Freedom” to reflect its commitment to innovations while maintaining its nautical legacy. Its timepieces show extraordinary creativity. Ulysse Nardin offers many top-quality horology products.

Over the years, the company has introduced many innovative technologies in the making of luxury mechanical timepieces. It was the first to use Silicium technology to make mechanical watches, bringing high precision and accuracy in the time devices. Its major innovations include adding seven day tourbillion-carousel in the Freak model, multifunctional Sonata music watch, UlyChoc with shock absorber and Dual Ulysse Escapement.

Located in Switzerland’s Le Locle from the time it was founded, it has been a prominent name in the luxury watchmaking industry. The precision marine chronometer manufacturer was established by Ulysse Nardin in 1846. The talented and well-trained watchmaker made high-complications watches and chronometers. Its marine high precision chronometers and other navigational instruments manufactured by this company were used by the navies and commercial ships all across the world. He passed away in 1876. Nardin’s son Paul-David continued with his impressive horological tradition.

Paul successfully introduced many proprietary innovations and mechanism to improve precise timekeeping. He was awarded a gold medal for his marine and pocket chronometers at Paris Universal Exhibition held in 1878. Ulysse Nardin in 1935 had introduced a pocket chronograph that could measure a second’s 10th part.

Neuchatel Observatory of Switzerland in 1975 released details that show Ulysse Nardin receiving 4324 certificates of the best performance among total 4504 awarded certificates. Astrolabium Galileo Galilei launched in 1985 was the first model of Trilogy of Time series watches. Other models added to this collection include Planetarium Copernicus, Tellurium Johannes Kepler and others. The iconic brand celebrated 150 years of its existence by releasing new models like Marine Chronometer and Perpetual Ludwig.

French luxury company Kering took control of this company in 2014. The brand in 2012 took control of Donze Cadrans SA. Ulysse Nardin celebrated its 170 years in 2016 which also marked 15 years of Freak collection and 20 years of Marine Chronometer collection.

Premium Collections



The watch models in this collection include mechanical timepieces inspired by the nautical world. The Maxi Marine series includes Torpilleur, Chronometer Annual Calendar, Chronometer, Chronograph, Tourbillon, Regatta, Mega Yacht and Grand Deck.

The 42 mm Marine Torpilleur watch models are made of 18-carat gold or stainless steel. They display date, power reserve, small seconds, minutes and hour. The self-winding in-house movement called Caliber UN-118 comes with patented innovation DIAMonSIL escapement and balance inertial wheel that has silicium hairspring. The company also makes Torpillieur Military Marine timepieces made of stainless steel or bronze with the case diameter 44 mm. Other models in this collection include marine chronometer, Marine Regatta, Marine Tourbillon, manual-wounding Marine Grand Deck and Marine Mega Yacht. These watches are water resistant up to 200 meters depth.



This collection includes technical, sporty and functional watches targeted at ocean adventurers and explorers. These Ulysse Nardin watches come equipped with self-winding mechanical movements. The entry level watch starts with 42 mm diameter and comes in stainless steel cover. These timepieces are equipped with movement UN-186, and display date, second, minute and hour precisely. The 42 mm Diver watch models are available in leather, fabric and stainless steel straps. The 44 mm Diver Chronometer models with movement UN-118 are presented in titanium and titanium with the 18-carat gold case. Watches in this collection display power reserve, small seconds, minute and hour.

Timepieces for women in this range are available in 39 and 40 mm case sizes. The collection Lady Diver has movement UN-320 in the 40 mm versions and UN-816 in 39 mm models. Available in rose 18-carat gold or stainless steel case, these Lady Diver models have diamond set options as well. All these Diver models can go under the water up to the depth of 300 meters.



This Ulysse Nardin watch collection from features innovative mechanical design that incorporates advanced watch technology. These watches do not feature hands, dial and crown. Instead, they have Carrousel Tourbillon to display minutes and hours. Ulysse Nardin Freak collection models include 43 mm Freak X, 45 mm Freak Vision and 45 mm Freak Out. The models in titanium cover feature self-winding UN-230, UN-250 with self-winding and manual-wound UN-205 movements.



The large Executive collection includes modern style mechanical wristwatches. The models include 42 and 43 mm Dual Time, 45 mm Skeleton Tourbillon, 42 and 43 mm Skeleton X, 46 mm Moonstruck and 44 mm Free Wheel Tourbillon.



This collection includes classic timepieces of this iconic brand. The models show its expertise in fine horology, gem-setting, decorative techniques, automata and dial manufacturing. Some popular models of this series include 31 and 40 mm Classico, Classico Manara, Classico Manufacture, Dual Time, Lady Dual Time and Classico Jade. High complication timepieces in this range include Sonata, Tourbillon Anchor, Perpetual Ludwig, Minute Repeater, Hourstriker, Stranger and Grand Bleu.

The outstanding collections of Ulysse Nardin reflect its strong commitment to making high quality luxury timepieces. These systems use latest technologies to display time and other details with high precision. The Marine series features highly accurate marine chronometers. The watches are inspired by the nautical concepts and incorporate innovative mechanisms and groundbreaking technologies. Designed for aquatic enthusiasts, divers and other ocean explorers, the watches are water resistant, reliable and ergonomic.

The Freak collection showcases carrousel and tourbillon movement features. Its Executive collection technical timepieces have contemporary style. The Classico collection shows the commitment of Ulysse Nardin company in making premium watches for people leading a high lifestyle. All its new timepieces since Jan. 2017 come with a warranty of five years.

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