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Tommy Hilfiger Watches


Thomas Jacob Hilfiger, who was born in 1951, got his start in the apparel industry in the 1970s by co-founding the People's Place chain of stores in Nyc. He co-founded the Tommy Hilfiger Corporation with Mohan Murjani, an Indian textile entrepreneur, in 1985. With a men's wear range, his namesake label made its first appearance.

Tommy Hilfiger Inc. became a publicly traded firm in 1992, and the company launched its first women's fashion business in 1996. The firm's affiliation with the mainstream pop industry in the United States helped it reach huge popularity in the 1990s. Hip-hop singers such as Snoop Dogg, Puff Daddy, and Coolio, along with American R&B icon Aaliyah, popularized the company at this time. Tommy Hilfiger Watches were designed, manufactured, and distributed by Movado Group in 2001.

True Star by Tommy Hilfiger was launched in 2004 with Beyoncé Knowles as the face of the campaign. Tommy Hilfiger was purchased by Apax Partners LLP, a British private equity firm, in 2006. The Tommy Hilfiger Group was purchased by Phillips-Van Heusen (PVH Corp.) of the Netherlands in 2010.

Tommy Hilfiger's emblem is among the world's most recognizable symbols. It was conceived by George Lois, a Greek-American art director and designer, and has been promoting the brand since 1985. The design of the logo seems like a flag with red, blue, and white stripes. The American Flag, curiously, has the same colors. A red and white strap in the center of the design influences the flag signal 'Hotel' in the International Code of Signals.

Tommy Hilfiger, the company's visionary designer, links to charitable endeavors. He is a multi-award-winning designer from throughout the world. He has received numerous major honors for his excellent services to the fashion industry and philanthropy since his introduction into the profession.

Tommy Hilfiger Watch Collection

Many Time-only, as well as Time-with-date versions with two or three hands, are available in the Tommy Hilfiger watch range. Cooper and James are popular two-hand timepieces for men, whereas Kelly, Pippa, Liberty, Project Z, and Tea are popular two-hand timepieces for women. Mendy, Diver, Sneaker, Essentials, Barclay, and Denim are famous men's wristwatches in the three-hand time-only categories, whereas Reade and Lyne are popular ladies wristwatches.


Tommy Hilfiger watch has a large assortment of multi-eye timepieces with sub-dials that show extra details. Sub-dials with push buttons modelled by classic chronographs that feature these analogue quartz timepieces. These clocks come in a variety of dial layouts, including those with numerous counters or retrograde displays.

Multi-eye Timepieces

The company sells a variety of multi-eye timepieces. Its first category includes watches with three central hands (hour, minute, and second) and two little sundials for the weekday and date. The second variation features three central hands for telling time and three sub-dials for the day, date, and 24 hours. The third form features three normal time hands in the middle, a date window, plus three miniature sundials for indicating the day of the week, month, and 24 hours GMT. Three subsidiary panels for the date, day, and month. As well as three subsidiary displays for the date, day, and month.

Analogue & Hybrid displays

The Dual Time model has a GMT hand, a 24-hour bezel, a tiny seconds dial, and a date aperture in contrast to the hour & minute hands. Tommy Hilfiger also makes chronographs featuring analogue or hybrid displays (analogue & digital). Bank, Mason, Liam, Decke, Daniel, Brad, Hunter, Shawn, Austin, Evan, Logan, Ashton, Kane, Trent, Chase, West, Jameson, Patrick, and Bennet are some of the most popular multi-function designs for males. Blake, Emery, Harper, Haven, and Jenna are exceptional women multi-function timepieces.


On the dials of most Tommy Hilfiger timepieces, the company's characteristic red, blue, and white stripe emblem is prominent. It is usually found below 12H or at 3H on the dial. On some versions, the logo design or colors incorporate into the watch hands or straps. The Hilfiger watch collection also includes a number of models that combine both traditional and retrograde indications.

Tommy Hilfiger timepieces have a number of unique, surprising, and trademark elements that influence the global lifestyle company's design philosophy.

Analogue quartz, analogue-digital, mechanical-automatic, and digital watches are available from the label. Tommy Hilfiger clocks are often made of stainless steel and come in silvered, gold (rose or yellow) toned, dual-toned. IP plated (black, blue, or gold) finishes. Wristwatches with colorful ceramic cases are also available from the label.

The case diameters of Tommy Hilfiger watches for men commonly range from 40 mm to 49 mm, depending on the product. Its female's set includes watches varying in case of size from 27 mm to 44 mm. External bezels with diver design, GMT 24h scale, or tachometer features on a variety of Tommy Hilfiger watches. On the outermost dial rings of some clocks, there is a tachometer scale. The majority of their athletic timepieces features crown protection.

These beautiful timekeepers are both exact and trustworthy, as they are carefully built using high-quality materials and products. Furthermore, all Tommy Hilfiger watches are water-resistant to at least 3 bar (3 ATM/30 M / 99 ft (ca. 30 m)) according to international regulations.

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