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Skagen Watches

All About Skagen Watches

Skagen Designs Ltd. is a subsidiary of Fossil brand of watches. Skagen watch was originally a Denmark-based watch company, however, Skagen Designs Ltd. was acquired by Fossil in 2012. Skagen Designs Ltd. is a subsidiary of the parent company Skagen Denmark. This luxury brand is known for the production of watches, handbags, jewelry, and accessories.
The operations of Skagen Designs Ltd happen in Richardson, Texas, the USA which is close to Dallas. The original company was founded in 1989 by two Danish entrepreneurs Charlotte Jorst and Henrik Jorst.
The duo followed the Scandinavian design principles. The target audience for this brand is the mid-price category and a watch lover who is ready to invest between $120 to 400 can own Skagen watches. A watch lover can choose from a wide range of timepieces offered by Skagen Denmark and Skagen Designs Ltd.


Basic information about Skagen Watches

Skagen Watches believe in maintaining a minimalistic design. The elegant analog timepieces are adorned with multiple functionalities like time-only with two or three hands for hour, minute, and second. There are Skagen watches that display time and date, and some other display time, day, and date. This luxury brand also manufactures chronograph watches and watches with a dual time zone. The base metal for Skagen watches is aluminum, stainless steel, or titanium and you can buy a Skagen watch with a case size of 26 mm to 42 mm.

Skagen watches are lightweight and the thin case design sets them apart from similar watches in this segment. The dial design is completely clutter-free and the makers did not try to fit in too many things in the design. Whether you love metallic mesh bands, metal bracelets, leather straps, or silicone bands, you will find something of your choice in their collection for sure.

Henrik Jorst was originally a native of Copenhagen in Denmark. He moved to the US in 1986 as he was promoted as the U.S Sales manager for Carlsberg. His wife Charlotte Jorst joined him in Long Island, U.S.A in 1989. They started the company in their home in New York. In the initial days, they did not manufacture watches. They just imported watches manufactured by a Danish manufacturer and sell them as corporate-branded business gift watches.

This business venture was a success and the couple decided to start a company of their own and named it Skagen Denmark. Skagen is a small Jutland peninsula in North Denmark. The name was chosen to pay tribute to the couple’s origin. 

The Success Story of Skagen Watches

In 1995, the couple shifted their base to Lake Tahoe, Nevada, and the business too was established there. Skagen Denmark watches became so popular that the American department store Bloomingdales started selling them in their retail stores in 1995. This small business was recognized as one of the fastest-growing small businesses in the U.S by the business community there in 1999. Skagen Denmark established its own stores in New York in 2005 and in Denmark in 2007 along with many other cities in the U.S.

With an annual turnover of over $70 million, the brand was basking in success in 2005. Skagen Denmark also opened an Asia-Pacific division to take care of its sales network in the Asia-Pacific region and the ANZ (Australia and New Zealand) region.

There are three types of Skagen watches available in the market.

Analog Watches

Skagen watches designs and manufactures an extensive collection of analog timepieces for both genders. Most of these watches are powered by quartz and are known for their efficiency. There are multiple collections for men like Aaren, Ancher, Fisk, Grenen, Holst, Horisont, Jorn, Melbye, Signatur, Soulland x Skagen, Skagen Sol and Limited Edition watches.

Ladies' watches have multiple collections like Aaren, Anita, Fisk, Freja, Gitte, Grenen, Signatur, Skagen Sol, and limited edition watches. This luxury brand also produces limited edition collections to celebrate an important event or as per the request of corporations.

Most of the Skagen watch models display a three-hand or two-hand dial design. Some of the cases have a small seconds dial built-in within the main case. Most of the watches are water-resistant between 30 to 50 meters underwater (30 to 50 atmosphere/atm). One of the basic dive watches- Fisk has about 100 meters of water resistance. The features of this Skagen watch include a unidirectional bezel, a screwed-down crown, and glowing hands and indices.

For attracting the younger crowd, the brand came up with vibrant colored watches. You can pick up a few pieces from the Aaren collection- like Color Blocked, Colorburst, Hoptimist, Kulor, Ombre, and Transparent.

Hybrid Watches

The hybrid Skagen watches have picked up the design from the analog watches and have blended it with the technology of smartwatches. Skagen hybrid watches are compatible with Android OS (5.0+) and Apple iOS (10+). They can be paired with smartphones using Bluetooth technology. These hybrid watches are capable of doing automatic time and date adjustments, sleep tracking, show email, social media and text notifications, activity tracking.

If you configure it, you can see dual-time and these hybrid watches can be set to alarms too. Powered by a standard coin-cell battery, these hybrid watches can click pictures using the Skagen Link technology. One can control music and other functionalities of their smartphones from the hybrid watch.

Smart Watches

Skagen smartwatches are sold under the name of Falster collection. You can pick either Skagen Falster 3 or Skagen Falster 2. Every Skagen smartwatch uses the Wear OS by Google. Qualcomm, Snapdragon Wear 3100 platform is the chip used in the smartwatch. You can use the activity tracker, music tracker, GPS, Google Assistant, Google Pay, heart rate tracker, e-mail, and other notifications from your smartphone easily after pairing it with your phone.

Skagen Falster 3 smartwatch has a 42 mm case and Skagen Falster 2 has a smaller case of 40 mm. Various sensors like accelerometer, altimeter, ambient light, gyroscope, GPS, heart rate monitor, microphone, and NFC (Near Field Communication) are available in these Skagen smartwatches.

These Skagen smartwatches are available in gold-toned and blackened steel versions, and all the watches are made of stainless steel. You can pick up multiple interchangeable watch bands along with these smartwatches. The rechargeable batteries last for about 24 hours under normal usage. All the Skagen Smartwatches are water-resistant.

The company is extremely conscious about the quality of its watches and the wide variety of designs, colors and options surely will make you buy more than one product. Skagen follows the principle of ‘‘Less is More.’’ They are available to match with all kinds of apparel- casual, semi-formal, formal, and sporty. 

A patron can choose bands made of leather, steel mesh, solid steel, or silicone. The minimalist design helps the wearer to focus on checking out the time instead of getting lost in the design of the dial like many other watches.

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