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Orient Watches

All About Orient Watches

Orient Watch Company Ltd. was born on 13th July 1950 as Tama Keiki. The journey had earlier started in Tokyo in 1901, when Shogoro Yoshida started his wholesale watch shop. From selling pocket watches to producing gold watch cases initially, it was later in 1920 that the Tokyo Tokei Manufacturing company was founded, and started producing wristwatches in 1934.

After a brief shutdown, the current Orient Watch Company started production at Hino, Tokyo.

The business soon expanded overseas and from then on there was no looking back.

In 2001, Seiko group became a shareholder in the company, eventually taking it over in 2009 under Seiko Epson.


Orient, as a brand is a symbol of Japan's culture of art and history of self-discovery stretching back thousands of years. Orient watches are at the center of the gifts of beauty that Japan gives to the world. Their traditional-style and luxury watches are often referred to as 'apples of the customers' eyes'.

With manufacturing outlets spread across the globe, Orient's crowning glory is their mechanical and automatic watches with custom-built in-house movements.


The introduction of quartz in watches in the 1970s made such pieces highly affordable and an instant success. Going against the grain, Orient managed to retain its art in making mechanical watches. The superb craftsmanship and reliability of Orient's mechanical watches make each one of them a valuable heirloom that can be handed down for many generations. Besides this, mechanical watches are friendly to the environment, have a certain prestige attached to them and often reflect the rich taste of the wearer.

Orient, today, has in its portfolio the trademark mechanical masterpieces, quartz watches, radio-controlled, digital and solar-powered watches.

Improvements in finesse and reliability of the mechanical watches are a continuous process in the Orient brand. As a result, it stands out among its competitors for its capacity to make affordable watches with self-made components.


Starting at $50 for basic models, to luxury pieces priced at $7000, Orient showcases a broad spectrum of watches for every individual.

The Orient Star Royal stands out as the crowning glory in the brand's range of luxury mechanical watches, and is a favorite among collectors and watch enthusiasts.

The Orient Tenbeat and the Orient Automatic Watch were introduced in the early 1970s.

In 1976, Orient came out with the Multi-Year Calendar which remains one of their most popular creations. A single crown adjustment was all it required every month and it also displayed all the days of the month.


There are two categories broadly, Orient Star and Orient Classic.

The Orient Star model has both classic and modern variants. Created in 1951 with a masterful mechanical movement, it had a small case and a dial design which has proved to be timeless. These models are the result of an ambition to create a mechanical watch that lasts longer between each winding. This objective was achieved by using silicon to craft the escape wheel.

The utmost care given to selection of materials resulting in improved functionality enhances the pleasure of wearing this model. State-of-the-art processing technology helped to create a long and slender minute hand that curved gently to improve readability.

Orient Star series has as its magnum opus, Skeleton, which is handcrafted by extremely skilled workmen. They have an indicator to show when the next winding is due. The straps come with easy button clasps which prevent wear and tear, improving their longevity.

The polishing of some high-end watches results in the surface becoming so smooth that it appears black at certain angles.

Mechanical Moon Phase model explores the beauty of the moon with a starry background.

Orient Star Sports, Diver is a limited edition with 500 pieces.

Orient Star Classic variants show a perfect combination of beauty and creativity, with wonderful complex movements and elegant aesthetics. Their sublime simplicity enhances their luxury and appeal.

The Orient Classic family is the ultimate symbol of grandeur and are loved across the world for their unique and luxurious touch. They ride high and grace the world of horology due to a combination of their long tradition and aesthetic appeal.

Orient Classic Collection

These watches have defied time with their sophisticated rich finish and attention to detail in design. At first glance, they may look pretty basic but their finesse and character have made them a favorite hunt for watch collectors and enthusiasts.

Orient Contemporary Collection

For those looking for top quality and a modern look, this range suits the individual who dons different hats during the day. From formal settings at the office to a party later in the evening, the Orient Contemporary Collection serves as a perfect complement.

Orient Sports Collection

This time traveler on the wrist combines design and durability to keep pace with an active lifestyle. It suits those who want to carry an urban look with exudes vibes of adventure and burning ambition.

For a tough and functional sportsperson, the Orient Mechanical Sports Watch will surely grab eyeballs.

Orient Revival Collection

This collection features vintage watches in a refurbished and rejuvenated style. There are only a few hundred pieces of the Retro Future Guitar model which shows close ties to the electric guitar. It is a fine example of fusion and an exemplary level of perfection.

Orient Limited Edition Watches

Orient has introduced a collection of sports watches that are available only in Asia.

The Retro Future Camera and the King Diver are limited edition watches made to commemorate the company's 70th anniversary.

The Orient Star Mechanical Moon-phase, Avant Garde Skeleton are among the other popular models, and the New Orient Classic Pair is especially made for couples.

Buy Orient

In contrast to expensive Swiss watches, the Orient brand offers pocket-friendly, stylish and durable masterpieces. The sublime combination of luxury, in-house mechanical movements and a wide range cater to a variety of tastes. Each watch reflects 70 years of trustworthy craftsmanship in watch-making and is excellent value for money.

Indulge yourself, buy an Orient masterpiece today, and revel in the glory forever.


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