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Muehle Glashuette Watches

Muehle Glashuette Watches

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German military uses the timepieces manufactured by this company for their missions to rescue pilots and members of the Marine battalion. Muhle Glashutte watches are extremely tough and have high tensile strength. They can withstand extreme mechanical stress internally and externally. In 2003, the manufacturer Mühle Glashütte created a state-of-the-art regulation system that delivers extraordinary accuracy all the time.

Let’s look at some of their top collections:


Muhle Glashutte 29er collection has watches for both genders. It is inspired by the nautical heritage of a brand that has its roots back in 1869. 29er used to be a sailing dinghy which the young sailors used to partake in the youth championships of the GSA (German Sailing Association).

This collection has something for everyone as these watches have the functionalities to show date, day-date, or the modern chronograph functions. The most popular models are 29ER Casual, M29 Classic, 29ER TAG/DATUM (day and date), 29ER Zeiger Datum (pointer date), 29ER Casual “Edition Sachsen”, 29ER Big and 29ER Chronograph.

One can choose between a 36.6 mm dial and a 42 mm dial. The USP of this watch is a steel case with alternated matte and polished surfaces. The hours' markers are in the inner dial of the two-part dial and the minute track is on the outer periphery.


This is the perfect watch for the sporty ones whether you are a man or woman. These Muhle Glashutte watches have finely polished cases and water resistance up to 100 meters. The dark color gradient dials look stunning with the white hour-keeping numerals.

The diameter for ladies' watches is 35 mm and for gentlemen, it's 42 mm. Lunova Lady, Lunova Tag Datum, Lunova Datum, and Lunova Chronograph are the most popular models of this collection.


The stainless steel unisex watches will surely make you yearn for one. The radiant dials are available in green, grey, or blue, and the hour-making dots and hands are luminous. The diameter of the dial is 40 mm.

The self-winding German movement ensures perfect timekeeping and is meant for people in uniform. You can use the water-resistant textile strap when you are swimming or scuba diving, and wear the leather strap when you are on land.


If you love outdoor sports, surfing, sailing, swimming, water skiing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and other aquatics activities, then this is the watch for you. They are available in three dial sizes. The 39 mm (Lady) is for women and men can go for either 42 mm (Go) or 44 mm (Datum) as per their liking.

If you want your watch to look funky with an external rotating bezel, then go for the ProMare Go version. You can wear this watch and go underwater up to 300 meters. Inspired by the nautical elements, and fitted with a screw-down crown, this scratch-resistant watch is surely for the sporty ones.


The self-winding movements and the unparalleled German technology make these watches extremely high in precision. You can select one of these pilot watches made of either stainless steel or bronze. They have multiple dial sizes like- 34 mm, 40 mm, 42 mm, and 44 mm. The first one can be easily worn by women.

These exquisite Muhle Glashutte watches display date, GMT and are also available with chronograph functions. The red marked second hand reminds us of the perfect pilot watches which we have watched in movies.


This is for the alpha males and females and these elegant and sporty business watches are made of 18-carat gold or stainless steel. The decorated uber-cool dials will tempt you to own one for sure. The USP of this watch is its volute-shaped horns. The additional functions like- day-date, small seconds with the date, chronograph, dual time zone, moon phase, etc. make them all the more desirable to the patrons.

Tool watches

Mühle-Glashütte is known for manufacturing watches for the Military. S.A.R. the Flieger-Chronograph, the Seebataillon GMT, muhle glashutte S.A.R, the Seebataillon GMT are some of the most popular watches in this category.

The shock-proof technology makes it safe for the men in uniform to wear it and continue with their wartime activities and rescue operations. All these watches are water-resistant up to 1000 meters.

These highly advanced and robust watches are meant for people who are looking for a sturdy timekeeper which shows only time. The ones who love complications like chronograph, moon phase, small seconds, day and date, date, or world time too will be thrilled by checking out their collection. There is something for every watch lover in the collection of Muhle Glashutte watches.

Most of these robust watches are made of high-quality stainless steel which can withstand all types of external pressure and stress. There are some watches that use bronze, titanium, or 18-carat solid gold. All the watches are water-resistant and you need to buy the one as per your requirement. The water-resistance range is between 100 to 1000 meters. It suits the requirements of all types of water sports and the work done by underwater engineers, navy officers, marine officers, marine biologists, etc.

Enhanced shock-proof features have been added in recent years as per the feedback received from the wearers. All the watches have to pass multiple quality tests before they are sold to the customers. There have been multiple in-house modifications done for the movements and other parts of the watch. The base calibers are sourced from manufacturers situated in Switzerland. So the buyer gets the Swiss sophistication and the German robustness in one watch.

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