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Marc Jacobs Watches


Marc Jacobs is a high-profile American fashion designer, who is the former creative director of Louis Vuitton. Jacobs was associated with the French design house between 1997 to 2014. During his tenure in Louis Vuitton, he collaborated with many other popular designers like American artist Richard Prince and American rapper Kanye West, Stephen Sprouse, Takashi Murakami, etc. He started his own company named as Jacobs Duffy Designs after completing his graduation from Parsons School of Design in 1984. His creative collaborator Robert Duffy was a partner in this fashion brand.

In 1984, when he started his own venture, little did he know about the fame which was in-store for him. He created labels like Marc Jacobs, Marc by Marc Jacobs (diffusion line), The Marc Jacobs, and Heaven, the teenage wear collection.

The career of Marc Jacobs- Early years

Marc Jacobs was born on April 9, 1963, and his father died when he was only seven years old. His mother remarried thrice, however, according to Jacobs, she was ''mentally ill'' and was not capable of taking care of her children. He was born in a non-observant Jewish family. He went to live with his paternal grandmother in the Manhattan area.

He attended Teaneck High School. After that, he attended the High School of Art and Design. While he was at Parsons School of Design, New York, his talent was recognized by many renowned institutions. In 1987, he was the youngest person to win the CFDA (Council of Fashion Designers of America) Perry Ellis Fashion Award. The category he had selected was ''Ready-to-wear'' and he was recognized as an Emerging Talent.

Along with his own fashion brand which he launched in 1984, he took a job as a creative director for Perry Ellis in 1988. He contributed immensely to this American designer fashion brand which primarily specialized in women's ready-to-wear apparel. Jacobs was the first designer who brought the grunge fashion style to the luxury platform and launched the Grunge Collection in 1993 in Perry Ellis.


The career of Marc Jacobs- Middle years

In 1992, the Council of Fashion Designers of America awarded Jacobs with ‘’The Women's Designer of the Year Award''. The grunge collection was the last work of Jacobs in Perry Ellis as it was a debated collection and finally, it led to his dismissal. Since Duffy too had joined Perry Ellis, he too decided to quit and in 1993 the duo decided to dedicate all their time and focus on their own venture Jacobs Duffy Designs Inc.

They first changed the name of the company from Jacobs Duffy Designs Inc. to Marc Jacobs International Company, L.P. In 1994, Jacobs launched his first collection of menswear under the label of his own brand.

During his tenure with Louis Vuitton, he launched the diffusion line named Marc by Marc Jacobs. He started licensing his label to produce lifestyle products like wristwatches.

He collaborated with Alberto Morillas and launched the first perfume line for Marc Jacobs International Company, L.P in 2007. The beauty line was launched for his brand in 2013, and the Redux Grunge collection in 2018.

Marc Jacobs signed a partnership with the renowned watch company the Fossil Group to develop and distribute Marc Jacobs watches in 2004. The first line of Marc Kacons watches was launched through this collaboration in 2005.

Marc Jacobs had signed the license agreement with Fossil Group for 15 years. Hence in 2019, when the license agreement with Fossil Group expired, Marc Jacobs signed a new licensing agreement with Bedrock Company which is also a renowned watch manufacturing company. This Detroit, Michigan-based company now is responsible for producing and distributing Marc Jacobs watches across the globe.

Currently, Marc Jacobs watches manufacture a variety of wristwatches, primarily for women. Let's look at some of the most popular collections of Marc Jacobs watches.

The Cushion Watch

This ladies' watch showcases vintage-styled cushion cases which are either 32 mm in diameter or 36 mm. One can choose between silvered or polished gold PVD finishing. There is a choice between a leather strap and a metal bracelet.

The Round Watch 

The elegant lady who is going to wear it can choose between a silvered toned or polished gold PVD finished stainless steel case. The case size is quite small with an option to choose between 28 mm or 32 mm diameter. So if you are a sucker for decorated dials, this is the one for you. The movement is quartz and one can select to pair it with a leather strap or steel bracelet strap. 

The Cuff Watch

This Marc Jacobs watch showcases a sculpted cuff strap and the round case which is 32 mm in diameter looks very elegant with it. One can select between silver-toned and polished PVD (gold or black) versions. The movement is controlled by quartz. They are available in single-colored, dual-colored, or decorated cuff straps.

The Pendent Watch

If you do not like to wear a wristwatch, then go for this apple-shaped pendant watch which is sold along with a matching metal chain. The cases are either silver-toned, polished gold PVD or Berlac color painted. The movement is controlled by quartz.

The Jacobs Watch

Adorned with the Marc Jacobs Double J logo, the beautiful crystallized dial will surely catch your attention. The rounded rectangular case is quite unique in the world of women's watches. The dome-shaped crown adds to the grandeur of this timepiece. You can choose between silver-toned or gold-toned finishing and pair it either with a leather strap or a steel bracelet strap. The movements are controlled by quartz.


If you are looking for a quartz wristwatch that is available in gold-toned, bi-color, or blackened finishing, the Vic Marc Jacobs watch is the right choice for you. There are three hands for hour, minute, and seconds and the dial's diameter is 30 mm or 32 mm. The options for straps will be the same, leather strap or steel bracelet strap. There are different color patterns and styles carved on the dial and you can pick up a few which take your breath away.


A rounded-pebble shaped case is the USP of Courtney Marc Jacobs watch. You can choose between a 28 mm dial with two hands and 34 mm with three hands. You can choose either the silver-toned, gold-toned, or bi-color version.


The USP of this watch is the Marc inscription drawn between the numbers 12 and 3. There is a variety of case sizes ranging between 20 mm to 37 mm, and the finishing can be either silver-toned, gold-toned, or bi-color. There are many types of dial designs and you will not fall short of variety in this collection.


You will find the MARC alphabets drawn between the numerals 12 and 3 on the dial and the double whammy is the Marc Jacobs Double J logo. This quartz watch is available in silver-toned, gold-toned, bi-color, or black-IP finished case and there are two dial versions- 28 mm and 36 mm. Along with the regular leather strap and metal bracelet strap, you can even select a silicone band to go with this timepiece.


The case sizes available are 28 mm diameter and 36 mm diameter. The 36 mm model has a multilayer dial design and the Arabic numeral hour-markers make this piece quite unique. Even the 28 mm dial features 8 dotted hour-markers and four Arabic numerals.


Rectangular quartz watches for women are not very common. Marc Jacobs inscriptions make it distinct and the 36 mm big dial showcases bold, glowing hour-markers. There is a nylon structure encompassing the stainless steel case making the wristwatch a bold style statement.


With 34 mm diameter dials and cushion-shaped case make the Mandy collection look very feminine. You can choose between silver or gold tones cases and the quartz movement will ensure that the timekeeping is perfect.


38 mm big dial makes this Marc Jacobs watch meant for bold and strong women. The word Marc is inscribed on the dial between the 12 and 3 hour-markers and there is a date display at 3 o’clock. The Double J logo is inscribed boldly and this wristwatch can no way be taken as the one meant for a damsel in distress.


The dial styles are different and the three-hand watch models are driven by quartz movements. The MARC inscription makes it a bold statement and you can choose between the 28 mm dial and the 36 mm one.

The Marc Jacobs watches are slender yet sturdy. They bring out the feminine essence in a woman, at the same time showcase her as a powerhouse of strength. The high-quality quartz movements make them modern and the style quotient makes them ''neighbor's envy, owner's pride.''

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