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Louis Vuitton Watch Collections Meet the Demands of High Lifestyle

Louis Vuitton brand is immediately linked with luxury. Its amazing journey started during the 1850s and continues till date. The company started with luxury luggage making. It quickly established itself as a major luxury luggage maker. Its trunk box launched in 1854 became a standard for opulence.

This iconic brand continues to make handmade luxury trunks that remain a favorite with the high-flying travelers. Louis Vuitton watch models are known for exquisite designs and styles. The well-known French Maison now offers many other luxury products including jewelry items, fragrances, footwear, sunglasses, leather goods, and other high lifestyle luxury items.


High Quality Luxury Watches

Even after being a recent entrant in the exclusive luxury watch segment, Louis Vuitton maintains a very high standard in producing Swiss made authentic timepieces. Its multi-complication watches are an amazing selection. All these products are manufactured at its in-house production center in Switzerland. Only top-quality components and materials are used to make its products. The luxury French company keeps coming up with timepieces that have innovative designs and styles. The prominent LVMH group founded by Louis Vuitton continues to delight its customers with luxury timepieces.


Louis Vuitton History

This brand-name is a well-established player in the luxury product segment. Established in Paris in 1854, the prestigious luxury goods house takes its name from its founder. Louis Vuitton took inspiration from London-based H. J. Cave & Sons to design an airtight and lightweight canvas trunk. The luggage with its innovative rectangular design became a favorite with the globe-trotting travelers. Those trunks quickly became popular among Royals, business people, and those leading a high lifestyle. They had special features to secure them. The in-house manufacturing ensured high quality products and gave good value to the customers. The products fulfilled both functional and aesthetic goals.

These canvas trunks revolutionized the luxury luggage industry. The company launched Damier Canvas patterns in 1888. Georges Vuitton, the son of Louis Vuitton continued this glorious tradition with the company in 1896 launching distinctive and innovative Monogram Canvas patterns. These two distinctive designs remain a prominent feature in LV premium products including luxury watches.

Louis Vuitton continued to diversify the business portfolios during the 1940s. Many new products including leather bags, wallets and purses were launched. These products quickly became the ultimate status symbol due to their iconic patterns and designs. The company collaborated with many celebrities and top fashion designers to launch a series of luxury products including jewelry, leather bags and lifestyle products.

LVMH luxury group was incorporated in 1987 after merging LV company with Moet Hennessy. The Paris-based LVMH remains the largest global luxury goods manufacturer. Now it offers luxury products in many sectors including spirits and wines, fashion, jewelry, luxury watches, cosmetics and perfumes.


Louis Vuitton Watch History

Louis Vuitton established its own facility to manufacture luxury watches and never licensed the watchmaking operations to other manufacturing companies. In 2002, it launched Tambour luxury watch series. The initial LV timepieces included LV 277  chronometer-certified automatic chronograph that featured many signature designs and styles of this prestigious brand. The system was equipped with iconic movement Zenith El Primero. It became very popular among people looking for luxury watches that match their premium lifestyle demands.

The iconic brand established Ateliers Louis Vuitton in 2008 at its Switzerland facility in La Chaux-de-Fonds. The famous Spin Time Tambour watch was launched in 2009. This unique horology has twelve rotating cubes that display the time in a unique way. Louis Vuitton watch business expanded in 2011 with LVMH acquiring La Fabrique du Temps Swiss movement product manufacturer. The new company La Fabrique du Temps started operating in Geneva in 2014.


The premium quality Tambour luxury Louis Vuitton watch launched in 2002 features an innovative case design influenced by the drum shape called Tambour in the French language. Tambour range of watches is Louis Vuitton’s flagship product for men. This collection has Louis Vuitton watch womens series as well.

The iconic French company is associated with global travel since it started making luxury products. To celebrate this impressive legacy, it has launched a collection of Tambour watches with world time and dual/GMT features. The Spin Time collection of mechanical watches launched in 2009 includes playful and distinct timepieces. This LV watch model uses an innovative mechanism to control twelve rotating cubes to show an amazing jumping hour display. A centrally located hand points to the minutes. Other innovative ideas like Regatta counter and GMT have been added to update the Spin Time collection of Louis Vuitton watches. Some innovative timepieces with gems have been launched for women. Spin Time Air collection of Tambour watches are the latest models in this series.

Louis Vuitton brand has been closely associated with Regatta and Yachting since 1983. Between 1983 and 2017, Louis Vuitton sponsored the yacht competition Louis Vuitton Cup. The challenging event also has a pre-qualifying feature for those planning to participate in the America’s Cup. This prestigious event attracts top names of the industry. Some unique regatta luxury watches in the Tambour series have been launched.

The popularity of Tambour collection shows no sign of abating. The luxury watches under this series remain the flagship collection. They have become a symbol of luxury, innovation and uniqueness. Some exceptional timepieces in this category include Twin Chrono, Twin Chrono Sport, Moon Star and Evolution GMT Chronograph. Other unique watch collections from this French luxury house are Voyager and Escale. The Voyager series of mechanical watches have a special ovoid case design. Its Escale series of watches take inspiration from the luxury Louis Vuitton customized trunks. The mechanical timepieces with a round case design have a unique dial design highlighted in multiple colors.


All LV watches have outstanding features and are influenced by the decorative patterns and iconic designs of the French luxury Maison. Louis Vuitton watch collections feature many signature designs like Monogram and Damier. The brand offers exquisite, innovative and unique luxury timepieces. These systems have become synonymous with exceptional quality and ingenious designs.

Louis Vuitton now commands a loyal following in the luxury timepiece segment. The brand is associated with opulence, luxury, precision and reliable products. It has invested in various categories of luxury watches. The result has been some amazing timepieces that are not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. LV’s in-house watchmaking facility ensures the highest level of quality assurance.


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