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Jaguar Watches


Festina is a watch brand that was founded in Switzerland in 1902. There are eight brands within the Festina group that make world-class watches. Jaguar, Calypso, Lotus, Festina, L.Leroy, Perrelet, Kronaby, and Candino are those three brands that are popular for their mid-range segment of watches for men and women. There is no connection between the Jaguar brand of wristwatches with the iconic British car named Jaguar.

Festina Group also owns two jewelry brands, Lotus Style and Lotus Silver. Together they have created an ensemble of watches and jewelry which inspires every watch lover and jewelry lover to own a few pieces. Festina Group also owns another brand Sporod which manufactures mechanical and quartz movements. This is a Swiss brand.

Currently, the Festina group's headquarter is in Barcelona, Spain. The group has created separate subsidiaries in different countries and there are seven of them in France, Germany, Italy, Benelux, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Poland, and Chile.

Initially, the company manufactured watches only for men, however with time they ventured into the watch market for women too. Jaguar watches are known for their modern aesthetics and sense of style. Their extensive functionalities have made them a favorite of all watch lovers. Along with portraying a strong style statement, Jaguar watches are also known for their durable build.

History of Festina Group

Stüdi family originally founded the Festina group in 1902. They were based out of La Chaux-de-Fonds, in Switzerland, however, this family sold off the business to Willy Burkhard von Wilhelm in 1935. Georges Uhlmann, acquired the firm in 1975. Since Uhlmann was a famous businessman in Spain and Italy, the watches of the Festina group became very popular in Europe during that period.

Miguel Rodríguez, a popular businessman who bought the Festina group from Georges Uhlmann in 1984. ''Festina'' in Latin means ''Make haste, slowly'' and the watches manufactured by this brand exactly represent that theme.


History of Jaguar watch

Jaguar manufactures high-end watches for men and women. . In 1938, Peter Haas founded Jaguar watch and it continued its operations under its own label until the Festina Group acquired the watchmaking company in 1989.

With 70 years of precision watch-making, Jaguar watches have become a beloved name for watch connoisseurs. Haas's mission was to take his watchmaking company to the heights of precision and effortless strength of the feline Jaguar which is known for its majesty and strength. Just like the Jaguar of the savannah, this watch-making brand has adapted and accepted the changes with each acquisition and has established itself as a survivor.


Jaguar and Festina Group

After acquiring the Jaguar watches from the founder Peter Haas in 1989, the Festina group has focused on the worldwide marketing of this brand. The brand was relaunched by the visionary leaders of the Festina Group and in the last five years, it has returned to its formal glory which was the dream of Peter Haas.

Being a Spanish company, Festina group brought the Spanish element to the high-level precision of Swiss watch manufacturing. The style and panache of the Spaniards have made Jaguar watches extremely popular across the globe.

Jaguar watches for women

In its early days, Jaguar focused exclusively on rugged, masculine watches and chronographs. Over the last few years, the company has had a solid presence in the women's watch segment. The women's collections from Jaguar feature various sporty, chic styles in a wide range of dial sizes, designs, and colors. As with most other companies, Jaguar women's watches have a smaller dial than men's watches. They are available in multiple shades such as black, blue, brown, champagne, grey, green, rose, and white. 

Jaguar also has a dedicated women's watch collection for divers. The lady diver models are available in 34 mm, 34.5 mm, and 38.5 mm versions and have water resistance of up to 200 meters. They are a great addition to the watch market since most diving watches come in masculine, rugged designs. With the lady diver collection, Jaguar introduced new diving watches for women who love adventures. 

Jaguar watches for men

Jaguar has multiple collections in its men's watch segment, and some of these models are the most successful ones from the company. Jaguar men's watches have a distinct, rugged character that separates them from other men's watches. Their range includes everything from classic analog watches to modern smartwatches. Below we will discuss some of the most popular men's watches from the house of Jaguar. 

Jaguar Acamar

Jaguar Acamar is among the earlier successful models from Jaguar. It's a quartz watch collection targeted towards working professionals who need a stylish yet reliable watch. The watches in this collection come in both chronographs and series of three-hand with date watches featuring center-seconds or small-seconds. 

Fitted with alligator leather straps or steel bracelets, the Acamar range is among the most aesthetically pleasing collections from Jaguar. With a strong build and water resistance of up to 100 meters, Jaguar Acamar watches define modern timepieces for the 21st-century man. 

Jaguar Automatic

Jaguar Automatic watches take the mid-range segment to the next level. These watches are in no way less than other high-end watches and come with similar features. As the name suggests, watches in this collection are powered by automatic movements. On top of that, these are made of 316L stainless steel - making the watches suitable for both indoors and outdoors. 

The J812/1 Special Edition stands out from this collection. It features a blue PVD coated stainless steel case with a rose gold-toned riveted bezel and a multilayer dial with the visible balance spring at 6 o’clock. Water-resistant up to 100 meters, the Jaguar open-heart watch has sapphire crystals on its dial and on the case-back. 

Jaguar Daily Class

Watches from the Jaguar Daily Class collection are sleek and no-nonsense. Targeted towards the urban man, these watches come in 44mm case diameter with a three-counter layout and crown-guards. Jaguar Daily Class watches are great ready-to-wear watches for anyone looking for a good watch without any hassles or complications. 

Jaguar Connected

With the Jaguar Connected range, the company entered the smartwatch space for the first time. Some of the popular models in the segment are J888, J889, and J899. All watches in this collection come with modern specs like activity tracking, cross-platform operability, GPS, multiple time zones, and more. 

Jaguar Executive

The Jaguar Executive range has both sports chronographs and diving chronographs. The case diameter varies from 43.5 mm to 46.5 mm, and both diving and sports watches have a distinctly masculine look. They have a water resistance of up to 200 meters and are available in gold-tone and dual-tone versions. 

Apart from these collections, Jaguar also releases limited, special edition watches to celebrate special occasions.

Jaguar has worked its way to become one of the best wrist watch brands for men and women alike. Their watches have a universal appeal in the mid-range segment and have a global customer base. For anyone looking for a great watch without going to the high-end segment, Jaguar can be one of the best options.

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