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Hermes Watches

Hermes Watches

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Thierry Hermès (1801–1878), the founder of the company, was a skilled harness maker. He was also a great entrepreneur as well as a great artist. He opened a factory in Paris in 1837 to manufacture high-quality crafted harnesses & bridles for the vehicle company. At the period, his unique goods earned a number of honors.

Hermès debuted its first timepiece in 1928. Hermes collaborated with the famed Swiss manufacturer Universal Genève to create premium timepieces for males and females from the 1930s to the 1950s. La Montre Hermès, the Parisian premium house's original watchmaking firm, was created in Switzerland in 1978. In conjunction alongside Vaucher Manufacture Fleurier, the business began making its very own clock calibers in 2003.

The Sandoz Family Foundation, which is the majority shareholder in the Fleurier-based timepiece mechanism manufacturer, launched Vaucher Production. Hermès purchased 25% of Vaucher's Production assets in 2006. La Montre Hermès, meantime, established a facility to create leather bands for its own clocks. Natéber, a dial maker situated in La Chaux de Fonds, owns the business in 2012. Hermès purchased the bulk of Joseph Erard SA, a timepiece casing manufacturer situated in Le Noirmont, in 2013. Such important strategic initiatives helped the organization to reach independent mobility.


Cape Cod, Arceau, Carré H, Clipper, Médor, Slim d'Hermès, Faubourg, and Nantucket are some of Hermès' most famous timepiece models.


Henri d'Origny, the artistic director of Hermès, developed the very first Arceau timepiece in 1978. This wide range comprises all men's and women's wristwatches and pocket watches. Time-only versions and models with features like Chronograph, Calendar and moon-phase, Dual moon-phase, Flying Tourbillon, and Tourbillon. With minute recurrences are available within that classical timepiece range. Skeletons are also offered for the Arceau timepiece. Le temps suspend u, which contains the amusing time-suspended complexity, is an intriguing watch from the Arceau series.

Cape Cod

Henri d'Origny created the Cape Cod timepiece in 1991. The "anchor chain" motif, created by Robert Dumas in 1938, features on this clock. The casing of such clocks forms much like a square wrapped in a rectangle. This extensive assortment includes a wide range of appealing choices, such as casing measurements, coatings, and innovative features.

Marc Berthier, the renowned French architect and designer, built the Carré H timepiece, which was first unveiled in 2010. The square body of the Hermès h watch emphasizes a modern architectural style. The Clipper is a series of sports watches. This Hermes watch men features striking and macho style featuring durable facades and offers in both automatic and quartz versions.

Slim d'Hermès

Philippe Delhotal, the creative director of La Montre Hermès, crafted the Slim d'Hermès clock. This line, which debuted in 2015, features a polished style besides a classy finishing. Automated & quartz variants of the Slim d'Hermès timepiece are accessible. There are time-only, small-second, GMT, and perpetual calendar variations among this series, and a variation with the distinctive "Impatient Hour" functionality.


Faubourg is a range of women's small clocks. The casing of this Hermes ladies watch measures 15.5 mm in diameter and is powered by a quartz movement. The Nantucket series has sleek timepieces designed specifically for ladies and influences the "anchor chain" concept.


Médor timepiece, which was first presented in 1993, was inspired by Hermès' dog collars from the manufacturer's formative days. The latest Heure H Double Jeu version was influenced by Philippe Mouquet's famous Hermes Heure watch from 1996.


Hermès watches are noted for their timeless case designs & innovative features. Every series does have its own original case layout, created by the top artists. Hermes uses advanced resources such as steel material, titanium, gold, and platinum to create clocks. Gem-set variants of the label's many timepiece designs are also available. Hermes timepiece prices usually begin at about US$ 2500 and may go to nearly $270,000 for complex versions such as the Tourbillon featuring minute recurrence.

Hermès is a specialist at creating a variety of display formats using a range of resources, textures, and patterns. These clocks consistently keep an impressive appearance and good clarity, with early models and diverse typefaces.

Hermès is known for its own huge assortment of fashionable shawls all around the globe. The Parisian luxury brand covers a diverse range of lovely shawls created by great designers and artists. Hermès includes gorgeous displays influenced by diverse scarves styles in select timepiece versions. This also creates stunning panels featuring lacquered or enameled finishes, along with panels manufactured from fine materials such as mother-of-pearl and porcelain. To achieve intricate face layouts, the company employs ornamental methods such as miniature painting, engravings, and the use of crystals. Leather timepiece bands from Hermès are available in a variety of colors and patterns, including solitary tours as well as double tours.


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