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Glashuette Original Watches

Glashuette Original Watches

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As mentioned above, Glashutte original came out of the small town of Glashutte. It was the community of craftsmen there. They knew their way around fine machinery. This is how the best fine-watches of Germany came from this small town. There are many esteemed names connected to this town, the likes of Julius Assmann, Moritz Grossmann and Ferdinand Lange. Many people of this town learnt exceptional skills needed for watch-making and brought back the same to the factories of Glashutte. They did not leave their homes for big cities or foreign land. Rather, they chose to stay there and build a great legacy.

They did build a legacy as Glashutte was named the Watch Capital of Germany. Around the 1900s, Glashutte became the supplier of Ship clocks as well. All the prominent men of Germany were wearing Glashutte watches. These were identified by "Original Glashutte" label. It did quite well for a while - up until the World War. The second world war was focused on Germany for the atrocities, and all the businesses were badly affected. Glashutte original also faced a lot of turbulence. The war led to a partition in the country, and there was a partition in the label as well. There were two Glashutte watches - one in East Germany, and one in West Germany.

This division was finally abolished after peace was restored. There emerged a single brand -

VEB Glashütter Uhrenbetriebe. This brand went on to become a member of the Swatch Group of Switzerland in 2000. Even though Swatch had major powers and could relocate Glashutte's business to its base, it did not do so. Glashutte remained in the quaint old town. 

The Glashütte Hallmarks

Glashutte is known for its name, quality and fine craftsmanship. These attributes are also accompanied with signature elements. The original Glashutte makers had introduced many creative features. like the swan-neck fine adjustment. This mechanism was to properly set the watch. Such technical movements were classic of Glashutte Original Watches. Additional to this were engravings, polished metal and more. Another distinct feature was the Panorama date. This continues even in some watches to date. It is easier to read through the panorama format.


Glashütte Original Men’s Watches

Glashutte original offers many variants for Men, different classic versions. There is a Senator style which reflects elegance and pride. It has German heritage deeply embedded in a classic style. These watches have fine machinery that is quite impressive. There are many sub-models available as well, like the Cosmopolite, Tourbillion, Skeleton models.

Another collection of Glashutte watches is Pano. Pano is characterized by fine colours and eye-catching decorations. It is the contemporary design of the watch that is attractive. There are many models in this range as well. There is PanoGraph, PaniInverse, PanoMaticInverse. The designs of this collection are vintage. They have a sixties touch, with the dial shape reflecting the shapes of that time. The retro-vibes of the watch are quite compelling with fine color choices.

The latest collection is the Spezialist. This collection, as is the name, offers the most advanced technology. There are many features like waterproofness, advanced date display and more. The watches in this collection meet all the international standards, while still representing traditional styles.


Glashütte Original Women’s Watches

Glashutte is not limited to men, there are women's collections as well. The collection for women is deeply focused on beauty, and elegance. Some selections available are Lady Serenade. This collection has wristwatches that imbibe sophistication. They are functional, stylish and statement-setting. The most attractive feature is the glistening pearl or the galvanized dials.

Another collection is the Panomatic Luna. Luna refers to the moon, and this collection is indeed dedicated to the moon. There are gems depicting different moon phases. It is available in the panorama date style.

Another popular collection is Pavonina. Pavonina stands for independent and luxury fashion. It has many different variants of both gems and non-gems. There are options for pearls, diamonds or galvanized metal. These are very powerful wristwatches with advanced machinery at play. 


Glashutte Original is world-famous, especially with the support of Swatch Switzerland. It has been connected with its root, and proudly moved forward with the German Heritage. Even though there has been advanced technology research in the present times, the fine machinery of Glashutte matches the standards. There are decorations, luxurious features and impeccable styles that differentiate these watches. The watch-makers have spent enough time choosing and picking every collection. They are thorough and articulate. The fine engineering is evident from the functioning of the watch. Glashutte's original watches are indeed mind-blowing and extraordinary.

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