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Emporio Armani Watches

In 1975, Giorgio Armani and his business partner architect Sergio Galeotti, founded Giorgio Armani S.p.A. The company was based in Milan, Italy, one of the four important fashion capitals of the world. Georgio Armani was born in 1934 and the Italian entrepreneur joined the Army in 1953. He resigned from the Army in 1957 and joined the fashion house Cerruti which was founded by Nino Cerruti. He had worked with the renowned fashion retailer La Rinascente before taking up his position at Cerruti.

Giorgio Armani had worked as a freelance designer for world-class fashion houses like Allegri, Bagutta, Gibò, Hilton, Montedoro, Sicons, and Tendresse.

Today the Armani group is one of the biggest fashion houses across the globe with revenue of £1.37 billion ($1.9 billion) which was announced on Dec. 30, 2020. Due to the COVID 19 global pandemic, the revenue had fallen by 25%. However, the revenue went up by 34% in the first half of 2021 and the CEO Giorgio Armani discussed better revenues in 2022. He wanted the revenues to jump to £2 billion by 2022.

Under the Emporio Armani label, the founder and CEO signed a global licensing partnership with Fossil Group in 1997. The idea was to design, develop and distribute watches across the globe and increase the top line and brand value of the company. In 2002, the jewelry line was introduced to the Emporio Armani brand in collaboration with the Fossil group.

In 2008, affordable fashion watches were introduced under the umbrella of the Armani Exchange (A/X) brand. In 2014, Emporio Armani watches launched a premier Swiss-made watch line. The same year, Emporio Armani watches renewed their partnership with the Fossil group. At present, you will find automatic, quartz, hybrid, sports watches, chronograph, and smartwatches in this huge collection of fine watches.

Emporio Armani watches have pioneered in the world of luxurious watches. Most of the Emporio Armani watches flaunt modern designs, however, a lover of traditional watch designs too will find many pieces to his/her choice in the collection.


Emporio Armani watch collection is unique and any fashion connoisseur would like to own a few in their collection. There are multiple analog-quartz models available in the collection. They use different materials, styles, dial configurations, color combinations, designs, and embellishments to make each watch a masterpiece.


Basic watches

You will find basic watches with time-only features and if you are looking for an Emporio Armani watch with date configurations, there are many to choose from.



There are multiple models equipped with chronographs and you can choose between the classic bi-compax or the popular three-counter dial formats. The stopwatch and tachymeter function are very useful in some of the chronograph watches manufactured by the collaboration of Emporio Armani and the Fossil group.


Hybrid watches

The Emporio Armani Connected line manufactures hybrid watches. You will get the regular features of an analog watch and technology-loaded features of a smartwatch in one single watch. The dial design has incorporated the traditional analog hands instead of a digital display of numbers for timekeeping. They are compatible with Android 5.0+ and iOS 12.0+.

You will find a pusher placement just like a regular analog watch and the stainless steel case makes the watch robust and keeps it safe from wear and tear. There is a chronograph-styled crown which looks very attractive.

You will get an option to choose between black, blue, or matte blue dials and the entire body will be either silver or black.



Powered by Google operating system, you will find the latest smartwatches in the collection of Emporio Armani watches. The touch-screen will help you to regulate the watch smoothly and the Qualcomm processors will operate the multiple features in the smartwatch. The USP of the Emporio Armani smartwatch is that there will be keyboard button-styled pushers for the users to navigate through easily. You can use a multitude of apps for health monitoring like step counter, heart rate monitor etc.


Emporio Armani watches for women

If you are an elegant lady and love small-sized dials with intricate designs, you will find them in the Emporio Armani watches collection for women. And if you want your style statement to be bold and you want to wear a bold watch with a bigger dial size, you will not be disappointed either. The variety of case shapes from round, rectangular, cushion, oval, and tonneau will tempt you to buy more than one watch. Most of the ladies' watches are analog and the movement is powered by quartz.


Emporio Armani Mecanico

Japanese automatic movements are the USP of this collection. The open-worked dial architecture is loved by the lovers of mechanical watches. You will get to see the balance wheel and other parts of the watch through the open-worked dial. You can choose between gold, silver, or black finishing, and all the watches are made of stainless steel. This collection has watches for both genders and they are quite affordable too.


Emporio Armani Swiss-made series

This series was introduced in 2014. There are luxurious watches for both genders made with Swiss precision in this collection. You can choose between automatic and quartz movements. In the automatic range, the options are unlimited. You can choose between three-hand models which will come with or without calendars. Chronograph models with multiple complications are available in this series. And for the lovers of open-worked dials, there are multiple pieces to choose from.

There are options to choose between mechanical, quartz, and automatic movements. The Emporio Armani brand name and logo will be prominently displayed on the oscillating weight which you can customize as per your requirements.


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