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Ball Watches

Ball Watches

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The Ball Watch timepieces are designed with stainless steel to ensure durability and reliability.

The company essentially caters to the changing demands of its customers. Nevertheless, it hardly compromises the industrial functionality and always tries to uphold the original guidelines and rules laid down by the founder. 

At present, the brand has six collections of luxurious timepieces with simple and aesthetic overtones. Trainmaster, Roadmaster, Fireman, Engineer Hydrocarbon, Engineer Master II and Engineer Master III are some of their masterpieces.

The history and origin of the Ball Watch is intriguing as the company has played a pivotal role in railroad history. 

In the early 19th century America, people used to measure time according to the position of the sun and hardly felt the necessity of timekeeping accurately. However, the Kipton disaster of 1891 paved the way towards the emergence of Ball watches in America. The tragic incident occurred when a train in Elyria collided with a fast mail train in Kipton, Ohio. This subsequently prompted the Lake shore officials to appoint Webb C. Ball as the Chief Time Inspector of the railroad tracks when Ball already became the first manufacturer of watches in Ohio. 

Initially, Webb C. Ball began to serve the Ball Watch company as a mere watchmaker. Ball worked diligently for the expansion of various technologies over the years. He set various guidelines for the production of supreme timepieces such as magnetic resistance, reliability of time, isochronism, dial arrangements and power reservation. He has been a chief source of inspiration to his later generation due to his groundbreaking success in the field.

It is worth mentioning that the primary aim of designing the watches was to withstand extreme conditions of railroad. With gradual progress in technology, they began to manufacture modern watches. The materials of Ball Watch company range from high shock-resistance to complete visibility in the dark, depending upon the demands of the customers.  

Mr. Ball has manufactured more than 2000 Ball-certified watches for the professionals such as conductors, engineers and railroad personnel. Besides, this great man never failed to keep records of the timepieces to ensure performance accuracy.


Modern Ball Watches

The Ball watches in modern times are most superior in terms of legibility, durability and readability. Their mission since 1891 is to promote the customers to enjoy privacy and liberty in life. They rightly observe, "Be yourself- no base imitator of another, but your best self". 

As mentioned earlier, the Ball watches are ideally designed to withstand unfavorable conditions. But with time, their timepieces look different from the previous ones to suit the requirements of the customers. However, it never compromises the industrial functionality and strives to retain the original guidelines laid down by the founder. 

The brand has developed several technologies in accordance with the American railroad standards. At present, Ball Watch has developed as an Asian brand to produce luxurious Swiss watches with several intriguing features, including gas tubes and elegant dials.

The Ball Watch brand has launched total eight supreme collections of timepieces. These are crafted by the finest watchmakers to meet the growing interests of the customers. Some of the most well-known collections are discussed below: 



The Roadmaster collection of timepieces from Ball Watch company are outstanding for their classic appeal. It features a simple dial with micro gas luminosity crafted with exceptional styles

The materials are aesthetically designed for those in charge of guiding railroad infrastructure. Some unique Roadmaster series include Pilot GMT, Marine GMT Ceramic, Starlight Ceramic, Vanguard, Roadmaster Worldtime and Roadmaster M Icebreaker.


Engineer Hydrocarbon

This is a unique collection from the Ball Watch brand designed with ceramic material. The timepieces of this series are featured with shock resistance and patented protection technology. For complete visibility in darkness, it specially features a 36 micro gas tube. Some popular Engineer Hydrocarbon timepieces include Deepquest II Ceramic, Moon Navigator, Submarine Welfare and so on. All the materials in Engineer Hydrocarbon collection are chronometer certified, enabling precision and reliability. 


Engineer Master II 

Amongst all the eight Ball Watch Collections, the Engineer Master II stands apart. The timepieces in this collection are designed professionally for the sea divers and also nautical adventurers. They ensure incredible readability with features such as stainless steel case, anti-magnetic resistance and water- resistance. Some famous models of this series are Skin Diver Heritage, Moon Phase, Marvelight, Rainbow and others. 



Trainmaster is another wonderful collection of Ball watches, known for their elegance, precision and aesthetic appeal. The timepieces are ideally designed for special occasions. Some unique models of the collection are Legend, Roman, Eternity Ladies, Cannonball etc. 



This is a top-selling collection of the Ball Watch company. This collection includes some various fascinating timepieces which are designed with meticulous craftsmanship. The timepieces are exceptional for their sophistication and durability. For instance, Fireman Racer is a renowned model from Fireman series that has some incredible features. These include a stainless steel case, Swiss automatic type movement and a sapphire crystal glass protector, suitable for occasional or casual use.

Ball Watch is a pioneering watch brand in the United States. We cannot deny the unforgettable efforts and contributions made by Mr. Ball in the rise and development of Ball watches in America. He is the trendsetter and the only successful man, responsible for establishing uniformity in timekeeping. With the incredible functionality and readability in timekeeping, Ball Watch brand is regarded as one of the most respected watch brands in the world.

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