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Zenith Watches

All About Zenith Watches

Zenith was founded by Favre- Jacot when he was 22. He had a house-made for him specifically by an architect to pursue his passion in watchmaking. He started making watches in his name inspired by rich American companies. Zenith was formed after nerve-wracking hard work and a lot of self-investment. The Zenith El Primero movement, which brought a groundbreaking change in the production of watches paved a novel way in Zenith. Due to considerable contributions made by Charles Vermot, a member of the Zenith team to oppose the quartz movement which jeopardized mechanical watchmaking. 

Despite all Zenith series having a high demand in the market, there are a few watch series that are loved by the customers for their chic qualities. 


Zenith Chronomaster

The Zenith Chronomaster paved the way for all the future chronograph pieces. It is known for its ancient touch and marvelous design. It is called the first automatic chronograph. Sturdy, along with their ease of access, the chronomaster watches are frequent but for historical collectors. This Zenith watch chronomaster series would lead you to ‘stop’ and ‘watch.’ 


Zenith El Primero 

The Zenith El Primero are watches of the Chronomaster Series. These have a high-water resistance and power reserve. Along with this, they have subtle detail-oriented accuracy. 

Chronomaster Revival El Primero A385

This is one of the first steel watches in the continuation of the El Primero series. Re-created from the original A385 model, this watch is known for the shades in its dial ranging from light in between to dark towards the edges.  The aspheric diameter is 37 mm and it has a high-power reserve of 50 hours. The frequency is 36000VpH and water resistance is 5 ATM. Along with the dial, is a brown coloured leather strap that complements the shades of the dial. Its robust nature makes it a handy watch you would prefer on adventures. 

Zenith Defy

The Zenith watches that fall under the defy series are famous for their gender convenient specifications. These watches are catalyzed by creativity, resulting in sheer accuracy. The DEFY series continues Zenith's heritage, setting new standards of performance and style with futuristic designs and materials. The Defy Midnight Sunset watch, for example, is a watch with its unique diamond grooved ring and engraved ornament-like dial. The colors in the dial range from yellow to red in the shades of a sunset, justifying its nomenclature. The best feature of the watch is the bracelet made of steel with highly changeable straps. It is 36 mm in diameter and has a frequency of up to 28800 VpH and a 50-hour power reserve. Its water resistance capacity is 10 ATM. 

16.9200.670/33.MI001 Zenith Defy Midnight Sunset 


Zenith Elite 

While the defy series are known for their gender specificities, the elite series of Zenith watches are unisex. Known for their 20th century designs, the elite watches are polished and sober in design. The watches exude a sense of power. 

The Zenith Moonphase and Classic are two types of elite watches with distinctive features of silver and golden dials. The Moonphase watch has a navy-blue belt connected to a silver-edged dial with patterns resembling sun rays. Its ease of access increases due to its lightweight quality. It is 50mm in diameter and 5 ATM water reserve, features found equally consistent across the elite series in Zenith watches. 

Zenith Pilot

One remarkable feature about this Zenith watch series is the copyright that it owns in inserting the word Pilot on its dials. Pilot watches are known in the aviation industry as the first pilot watch was created by the zenith company. This series is made to pay homage to the adventurers of today. 

 Pilot Type 20 Rescue

The pilot type 20 rescue, like the stark feature in the entire series, has the word pilot engraved in the dial. The dial has a black background and a 45 mm diameter of stainless steel. The dial has yellow accents. The yellow stitches on the leather strap augments the yellow accents in the dial. The eye-catching feature of these series is the Arabic numbers in the dials which is less time-consuming to read. This watch has a great level of water resistance up to 10 ATM. 

Zenith Icons 

The Zenith Icons are a series of watches with vintage dials that range back to the designs that resemble the architecture of 20th century watches. It is a collection of valuable watches that have been sourced and certified by the manufacturing team. 

De Luca

De Luca, a watch of the Zenith Icon series, falls under the El Primero category of watches. These were produced between 1988 and 1996 and were known for their diversity in types of dials. Their hallmark features are that they were fit on a three -link steel band and the center is lustrous. According to the website, the De Luca proved to be an inspiration for the now Chronomaster Sport’s bracelet.  It is an automatic watch with a case of 40 mm diameter with movement such as the El Primero 400. The chronograph in the watch had significant features which are quite beneficial to the collector.


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