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Maurice Lacroix Watches

Maurice Lacroix Watches

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All About Maurice Lacroix Watches

Maurice Lacroix started its journey in 1975, as a subsidiary of Desco von Schulthess, which was originally well-known in the silk trade from 1889. With their headquarters in Zurich, the new company started manufacturing timepieces for themselves, and also supplied crafted parts to other vendors.

Their huge success meant they soon had to stop supplying to other brands and to begin their own expansion in 1990. It was only a matter of time before Maurice Lacroix emerged as a separate brand and entered the exclusive club of luxury watchmakers. All Maurice Lacroix watches are manufactured in the brand's own workshops integrating cutting-edge technology and skilled craftsmanship. Small parts are assembled by experienced hands and the expertise and knowledge required for fine finishing work has come down from generations of watchmakers. Many years of industrial expertise led to a high value being placed on quality. All these factors have combined to enable them to create a niche market for their timepieces. They have earned their rightful place as one of the top watchmakers of Switzerland.

Maurice Lacroix chooses to partner with personalities from different fields who share the same spirit and ideas of success. They believe that the journey is as important as the destination itself.

One of the brand's most talked about special editions under the Masterpiece collection had a brushed stainless-steel silver case, a 41 mm dial and the classic snap-down back strap. This chronograph watch with 3 sub-dials was curated especially for tennis legend Roger Federer. The smooth movement of the champion reflected the smooth operation of the Swiss Quartz movement.

Continuing with the tradition of capitalizing on the influencers' market, Maurice Lacroix teamed up next with diver Orlando Duque. Their collection Ponto's Chronograph was targeted at a niche audience of water sports enthusiasts. They have also taken up the role of official watch partner of The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series. Duque famously said,"I have to use every split second I have to make it all happen", and it helped the brand start catering to audiences craving luxury and sport at an affordable rate.

Back in 2010, Ray Stevenson, the British actor, fascinated by the craftsmanship of the Masterpiece and Ponto collections, called them a work of art and engineering.

He plans to bequeath his impressive personal collection to his son. He sported a Maurice Lacroix watch while shooting for the 2014 movie "Big Game", in which he starred along with Samuel L. Jackson.

Recently, Maurice Lacroix announced their association with Olympic gold medalist and multiple world badminton champion from Spain, Carolina Marin. The brand and the champion are seen as masters of precision and timing.

Skilled craftsmanship and excellent technology for their pieces, along with star collaborations have helped Maurice Lacroix establish themselves as a leading luxury brand.



Introduced in 1996, this entry-level quartz collection became a big hit with young customers. With the theme of 'less is more', Eliros oozes minimalism and class. It appeared modern yet classic and emerged as a timeless watch. The Eliros Date was especially popular due to the interchangeable strap and bracelet feature. Eliros Sunshine is a recent release with a pyramidal motif in sunny shades. The array of colors adds to the rich textures and will appeal to individuals who look for and appreciate pleasure in life.


The Italian word for 'fairy tale', Fiaba truly captured the organic lines and delicate artwork created exclusively for women. A delicate design combined with a feminine aesthetic appeal, the collection also managed to add longevity to its credit. The dial was elongated with a minute curvature to ensure supreme comfort for the wearer. Not many women are able to resist a luxury watch studded with diamonds.

Les Classique

True to its name, the Maurice Lacroix Les Classiques is a fantastic piece of technology, which you can pass down to future generations. The smart and modern design passes the test of time. The attention to detail is manifest with the trademark Maurice Lacroix craftsmanship. Authentic leather straps and the signature Maurice Lacroix moon-phase complete the picture.


The Roger Federer special edition, as part of this collection embodies the traditional values of the brand. It has some of the more expensive watches of the brand. Needless to say, the detailed creativity and quality of this special Maurice Lacroix watch are impressive. It remains a fine example of the skill, innovation and expertise exhibited by the craftsmen. The visually impressive PVD'd steel and caliber ML230 add to the making cost of this collection and justifies the price.


A perfectly balanced equation that brings together elegance, luxury and rigorous sports, Pontos was targeted at a very niche audience of divers and water sports lovers. Superior technology, great looks and a custom blazer made of waterproof Schoeller soft shell satisfied the end-users. With a case size of 43 mm and an internal timing ring, it managed to create the perfect dimension for the wrist.


Maurice Lacroix Aikon is a more contemporary and sharper version of the Calypso collection. It showcases automatic watches which offer the look and feel of luxury brands at a fraction of the cost. The Maurice Lacroix Aikon watches offer an impressive finish to the wearer's outfit with water resistance and a trendy steel strap. The Aikon Tide range of watches have created a revolution of sorts by recycling plastic waste, which was otherwise bound to be dumped in the ocean, into high-quality watches. The Aikon Automatic Chronograph Sprint features a 44 mm steel case with special matte coating and chemical resistance. Another release from Aikon, Urban Tribe combines functionality with style and creates a feeling of oneness with the wearer.

The early years of manufacture and supply of precision parts to other watchmakers have clearly honed the skills of Maurice Lacroix's own craftsmen.

It gave them the freedom to keep innovating and creating unmatched watches. Unique designs were released keeping in mind the younger generation as well as the mature market.

The brand has always stood by its promise of synergizing traditional techniques and modern design every Maurice Lacroix watch stands testimony to this promise.

Truly, Maurice Lacroix has kept up with the times.

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