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Nixon Watches

Who does not know Nixon? This brand is well-known for producing watches on a worldwide scale. Apart from watches, the company is also known to make clothing and apparel, backpacks, gifts, and a lot more. Every Nixon watch comes with its own set of unique features and characteristics, all suiting customer requirements. These watches come in different styles, containing many aspects required in the modern-day world.

Nixon came into existence about three decades ago in 1998. The founders of the company-Andy Laats and Chad DiNenna came together and formed this enterprise in South California. At that time, nobody had guessed that Nixon would go on to become the world's most trusted and wanted brand, with its watches scaling new heights each day. Sometime during the year 2006, Billabong International, an Australian-based enterprise, entered into this business. Since then, Nixon has come up with some of its finest watches like Nixon 51-30, Nixon Spectra, Nixon Sentry, Nixon Arrow, Nixon Diplomatic, and a lot more. Along with analog watches, it has also been coming up with digital timepieces.


As stated earlier, Nixon watches stepped into this world sometime towards the end of the 20th century. During the initial phases, Nixon was well-known for manufacturing a wide range of apparel for men and women. Around the same time, DiNenna and Laats, the founders of this brand, realized that watches were quite in demand everywhere. And that is when they decided to jump into this business. However, Nixon watches became popular only after the entry of Billabong International. The Australian company entered into this race after a deal of US$55 million. From then on, Nixon has been bringing in varieties of watches for people of both sexes. The watches come in both analog and digital forms.

Although Nixon Watches currently come under Billabong International, DiNenna and Laats are still a part of the management team with a small share in the business.

The demand for Nixon watches comes owing to its customization features and the huge variety that it offers. There are very few players in the watch market who offer a range of watches equivalent to that of Nixon. Apart from analog watches, Nixon has also been manufacturing sport-friendly watches. The brand has established itself in many areas.

Some of the most popular models that have gained popularity include the Nixon 51-30 Chrono series, the Nixon 41-20, and many more.

Let us have a look at some well-known Nixon watches as of today.


Nixon 51-30

The Nixon 51-30 comes with a significant dial size. The watch case measures about 51 mm in diameter. It also comprises a bezel that keeps rotating in a single direction. It is this feature that makes this watch unique. Earlier, the Nixon 51-30 was being targeted only by a small section of customers. Gradually, people started accepting this model irrespective of its huge size, and today, it is one of the most sought-after Nixon models. The Nixon-51-30 comes in many colors.

Nixon Spectra

The Nixon Spectra sports a case whose diameter is about 40 mm. Going by its looks, it is not even close to the Nixon 51-30 models. This model comes with a bracelet consisting of 5 links. The Nixon Spectra goes well with both business and casual attires. The Premium Miyota 82S0 Japan-based automatic movement is an integral part of this model.

Nixon Spectra is available in two amazing colors-gold and black. This model is considered the customer's most desirable watch, particularly in the mid-range section.

Nixon Sentry

The Nixon Sentry can be looked upon as the best-looking watch within the Nixon brand. If you look at this watch closely, you will observe that a lot of attention has been paid even to the most minute details during its designing phase. This is something that only highly skilled American craftsmen can achieve.

The Nixon Sentry has a crystal glass case made up of a solid mineral. Further, its body is made up of toughened stainless steel. As its case measures about 42 mm, this is something that would go well with people of all age groups. The bracelet consists of 3-links. Swimmers and divers can wear this watch and take a dip without any worry as it comes with a 100-meter resistance. Nixon Sentry ranks quite high in the list of water sports watches.

Nixon Sentry comes in black, steel, and gold colors. It is also available in double shades.

Nixon Corporal

The Nixon Corporal sports a huge case measuring 48 mm in diameter. This watch can be worn during outdoor events.

Nixon Time Teller

The Nixon Time Teller is suitable for both men and women. Coming with a case measuring 37 mm, Nixon Time Teller also sports a 100-meter water resistance like the Sentry model.

Nixon Light-Wave

Like the name itself suggests, Nixon Light-Wave works on solar power. Environment lovers can go for this one as it is made of recyclable matter. Owing to this, there is hardly any carbon footprint left behind.

Nixon Supremacy

The Nixon Supremacy sports an elegant look. Coming with a case measuring 40 mm, this model embeds the Swiss movement within itself. The Nixon Supremacy features amongst the finest models produced by Nixon.

Nixon Kensington

The Kensington model made an entry into the watch world by keeping in mind the likes of women. Coming with a toughened stainless steel case measuring 37 mm, Nixon Kensington also sports a 100-meter water

resistance. Women sporting the Nixon Kensington are sure to have an elegant look. And the best part here is that this watch falls in the mid-range segment.

Some other in-demand Nixon models

Other than the ones mentioned above, Nixon has come up with many other successful timepieces that are in demand all across the globe. Some of these include Nixon Arrow, Nixon Grateful Dead, Nixon Diplomatic, Nixon Porter, Nixon Patrol, and many more.


Well, now we know how Nixon has established itself as a brand globally. With such amazing and elegant watches, Nixon timepieces are currently desired by many watch lovers. We sincerely hope that Nixon continues its streak of providing the finest quality of watches in the years to come.


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