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Michael Kors Watches

Michael David Kors belongs to Long Island, New York. Born as Karl Anderson Junior, he began to display his design capabilities and instincts right from the tender age of five. He grew up working in the fashion industry as a child model and also for popular commercials. He moved to New York City after getting admitted to the Fashion Institute of Technology. However, he dropped out only after two semesters to work full time at a fashion boutique called Lothar's. Here, he eventually grew to sell his own designs, which gave him a lot of fame. From this, he rose further to open his own fashion line.

He started in 1981 with the Michael Kors Women's Collection. Customers could find his designer clothing at the top and upscale department stores. His popularity among the celebrity clientele grew as he was one of the few fashion designers who were willing to design clothes for men and women alike. By his first fashion show in 1986, Michael Kors had had the taste of immense success.

In 1997, Kors was hired as a designer and the creative director of a company called Celine, which was owned by a French company called LVMH. By 2004, he had left Celine to focus on building his own brand. Basking in the fame he received from the TV show Project Runway, he launched his line of clothes and accessories. It could be found all over the United States of America. By now, he had two prominent fashion lines, i.e., Michael Kors Men's Wear and Michael Kors Line for Women.


Michael Kors and the Fossil group are in a partnership, which began back in 2004. This partnership allows Fossil to design and distribute Michael Kors watches. A top-quality Michael Kors watch is usually made in Japan, Germany, Switzerland or the United Kingdom. The Michael Kors watch collection has caught and retained the attention of both women and men. This can be attributed to their distinctive usage of metals and materials, as well as their unique styles.

Michael Kors watches like the Brinkley, Runway, Bradshaw and Lexington are some of the most popular watches among fashion aficionados around the world. Michael Kors watches are usually made of stainless steel and can be found in silver or gold hues. Not to be mistaken, Michael Kors also offers timeless pieces in other hues like pink, red, blue, tri-tones, and more. The luxury fashion brand also offers watches made of nylon, acetate, aluminum, and so on.

Michael Kors also has a range of mechanical watches. Their watches are equally popular among men and women, and the Michael Kors smartwatch collection has a lot of eyeballs on it.

Michael Kors Watch Men Collection

Michael Kors watch men are extremely popular and this can be attributed to the fact that Michael Kors watches are functional, stylish and full of interesting features. The diameter of the dial ranges from 42 mm to 48 mm.

Michael Kors Watch Women Collection

Michael Kors incorporates a shiny stone set in several of its watches. This means that the watch ranges offered can be a bezel set or a dial set or a full set design. One of their most distinctive and appreciated features is the stone setting of sub-dials. The diameter of the dial ranges from 26 mm to 45 mm.


A typical Michael Kors Smartwatch houses top-quality hardware, which results in an excellent performance. Their aesthetic looks are very similar to that of the traditional Michael Kors watches. A Michael Kors smartwatch has a lot of smartwatch features, including state-of-the-art fitness tracking features. For watch enthusiasts who wish to sport the latest technology on their wrists, Michael Kors offers an excellent collection of subtle as well as statement pieces. For example, the Lexington and Bradshaw lines have chunky wrist bands and their look is on the larger side. On the other hand, MKGO's design is more on the casual side, due to its slim look. They run on Google's Wear OS, which makes them compatible with both Apple and Android mobile phones.


Michael Kors' eye for chic and timelessness is reflected in all his designs. His watches range from minimalistic designs to full set timepieces. The brand offers something for everybody, ranging across tastes, genders, occasions and occupations. Michael Kors watches are a resident favorite among early adopters and trendsetters, as they offer extra and changeable straps and bezels.

For someone looking to stand out with their fashion, Michael Kors is definitely the right pick. With their wide range of fashion offerings and designs in Michael Kors watch men and Michael Kors watch women, there is always something for every occasion and every outfit. Being one of the most influential designers in the world, Kors' designs have truly stood the test of time, and will continue to do so.

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