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Marc By Marc Jacobs Watches

Marc By Marc Jacobs Watches

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All About the Marc By Marc Jacobs Watches

Marc Jacobs International launched a separate label, Marc by Marc Jacobs, in 2001 to cater to a larger number of customers. This diffusion range was designed to promote primed catalogs, and various fashion merchandise and accessories. This line was an immediate hit due to its low pricing.

Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs branded timepieces were developed and distributed in collaboration with Fossil Group in 2004. Marc by Marc Jacobs launched their watch collection in 2006. It is an internationally appointed Bedrock Company of Detroit as the new license holder for manufacturing and distributing their watches in 2019.

Marc by Marc Jacobs Watch Collections

Every Marc by Marc Jacobs watch product is called after a nickname or an informal term. Classic, stylish, modern, oversized, athletic, sporty-chic, street-fashion centered, dive watch style, and more are all available from the fashion label. The following are some noteworthy watch collections:

The Cushion Watch

This Marc Jacobs series has timepieces with antique cushion casings, as the title indicates. These slim quartz watches, on the other hand, feature contemporary features.

The Round Watch

Marc Jacobs' Round Watch has a perfect and velvety finish. The stainless steel casing is silver tone or polished gold PVD finishing, making it a basic yet eye-catching watch. This quartz watch comes in a variety of styles with plain or embellished dials.

The Cuffs Watch

A sophisticated and contoured cuff strap is effortlessly combined with a round case employing rivets with buckle-styled lugs as the watch's primary design feature. These timepieces have single-colored, dual-colored, or embellished cuff bands, based on the edition.

The Pendent Watch

Apple-shaped pendant watches with matched metal chains are available in this Marc Jacobs watches assortment. These small marvels are accessible in silver-toned, polished gold PVD, and Berlac color painted casings.

The Jacobs Watch

This is a gorgeous women's watch with a unique form design that represents the Marc Jacobs DOUBLE J emblem. A stunning crystalline dial variation is also available in the Jacobs timepiece.


Vic is a feminine watch with a square body. Marc Jacobs Vic watches are noted for their stunning dials, which come in a variety of shapes, colors, and embellishments.


Courtney by Marc Jacobs provides a wide range of women timepieces, all which include a rounded-pebble casing. There are two variations in this acquisition: a 34 mm model with three hands and a 28 mm model with two hands.


The prominent MARC inscription in place of hour-markers from 12 to 3 can clearly identify this contemporary styled, silky wristwatch for ladies. This stainless steel quartz clock is offered in silver-toned, gold-toned, or bi-color finishes, with casing sizes varying from 20 mm to 37 mm.


On the clock face of the Corie timepiece is a Marc Jacobs DOUBLE J logo, with little MARC alphabets in place of hour markers from 12 to 3. These women' quartz watch is offered in silver-toned, gold-toned, discolor, or black-IP finishes.


The Riley 36 mm version offers a multilayered dial with prominent hour and minute hands, bold Arabic digit hour markings, and little seconds at 6 o'clock. It comes in a 28 mm version with a two-layer dial having three central hands and an outer circle with eight dotted hour indicators and four Arabic digits.


The Unibody wristwatch is distinguished by its curvy casing with a silicone band, fixed bezel with 'MARC JACOBS' engravings, large illuminating hour-markers, bright hour & minute hands, and colored seconds hand.


The Mandy series has adorable and fashionable women's timepieces with a unique cushion-shaped casing. Gorgeous dials with attractive hour-markers in a variety of forms, designs, and colors accentuate these three-hand timepieces.


The placement of MARC hour-markers from 12 to 3 o'clock, the second's hand with DOUBLE J counterweight, and the date indicator at 3 o'clock are all distinguishing aspects of this Marc Jacobs timepiece.


The Classic range features three-hand quartz watches with a variety of dial shapes and designs, as well as MARC hour-markers (from 12 to 3).


All Marc Jacobs timepieces are powered by high-quality quartz components. Most of these clocks are waterproof to 50 meters and have scratch-resistant material glass. The casing diameter typically ranges from 20 mm to 38 mm. Almost every wristwatch edition is available in silver-toned, discolor, and gold-toned variations. Black-toned timepieces are also available in several models. Metal bracelets or leather straps are available in nearly every series. With certain variations, the label also provides chain type wristbands or silicone bracelets.

The Marc by Marc Jacobs watches is prominent among fashion-conscious customers who admire the fun-loving vibe of the label's so-called American lifestyle. This brand caters to the younger crowd that live a cheerful lifestyle by having a range of informal wristwatch designs that showcase various factors of the fashion industry.


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